Poll tracking – October 5

With only two weeks left to go in this retardedly long campaign, MetaCanada HQ has officially been deemed a hazardous zone by the City of Toronto.

Justin Trudeau says he will ‘seriously consider’ getting Canada a puppy if he is elected...

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau announced today at a press conference that voters might get a puppy if they vote for him.

Poll Tracking – September 28

With twenty days to go in this Big Bertha of a campaign, the Conservatives have pulled into a ridiculously comfortable lead. After leader Stephen Harper came out strongly against niqab wearing at citizenship ceremonies, support for his Conservative Party has skyrocketed to an unheard of 70%...

The Munk Debate Drinking Game!

Are you cis hetero enough to play?

The Munk Debate

Ready for the big debate tonight? You’ve come to the right place – the ONLY place on the internet that you can watch it LIVE!

MetaCanada Reporter Nick Beard Removed From Harper Campaign Bus

Late Monday night, the Harper campaign’s tour bus coasted into Toronto, smoke emitting from the entire vehicle. Shortly afterwards, MetaCanada reporter Nick Beard was removed from the campaign bus, and officially booted from the media team travelling with the Conservatives. It was...

Poll Tracking – September 21

With less than a month left to go in this bizarrely long campaign, the numbers continue to waver all over the place.

The Terry Fox Interview

Recently, MetaCanada caught up with Terry Fox, and sat down with him to discuss life, current events, art, and politics.


Where else can you watch the debate? That’s right – nowhere but here!

Globe & Mail Debate – Drinking Game!

Are you cisnormative enough to play this drinking game?

Incredible! This man already knows who he is going to vote for on October 1...

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new comes along and blows your mind.

Poll Tracking – September 7

We are now about half way through this sluggish campaign and the numbers continue to fluctuate wildly.