Marijuana legalization activist fights against legalization

“People like me have built our entire career around protesting for legalization, and now the government thinks they can just come along and take that from us? It’s tyranny, man”.

Trudeau Government in a Race Against Time

  Trudeau Government Rushing to React to Major Geopolitical Changes Expected January 1st Written by u/LicensetoShill OTTAWA – Justin Trudeau’s newly formed government has already been forced to abandon many campaign promises, such as limiting their budget deficits to $10 billion annually or bringing in 25,000 refugees by the end of the year, but sources close to the party predict even more drastic changes are expected to come as of January 1st, 2016. “Justin’s panicking over the news, and I can’t blame him. Almost nobody in the party saw this coming, but luckily a security guard, hired by [former Prime Minister] Harper overheard the conversation and interrupted us,” a Liberal party insider told MetaCanada under a condition of anonymity. “We were just going over the plans and policies, like we normally do at these meetings, and Justin was explaining why we were making some of the specific decisions we were making. The situation only became serious when Aboriginal Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett asked why preparations for stage two of the missing and murdered aboriginal women (set to begin January 8th) would be geographically dispersed rather than centralized in Ottawa. Of course, Mr. Trudeau answered that the same way he answers all questions about policy decisions.” According to the source, the security guard felt pressed to interrupt and inform the Liberal leadership that January 8th would be situated in 2016, not 2015. The whole room was rendered speechless. Prime Minister Trudeau told everyone to leave while he deliberated over what he later called “new information.” Cabinet Ministers were seen in the hall rapidly checking their Blackberries to confirm this information– information which threatens to derail the entire direction of the current government. “Honestly, Trudeau wasn’t the only Liberal in the room who’d forgotten that the year...

Doors Open Ottawa: Trudeau Shoulders Responsibility

He ain’t heavy. He’s my Syrian refugee.
MetaCanada’s cabinet insider has provided details about prime minister Justin Trudeau’s impending announcement regarding refugee housing. The most striking revelation? Each of Trudeau’s cabinet ministers might personally house a Syrian refugee-family this Christmas.

What “Evidence-Based Decision Making” Really Means in Justin Trudeau’s Government Nov23

What “Evidence-Based Decision Making” Really Means in Justin Trudeau’s Government...

Written by MetaCanada correspondent LicencetoShill Justin Trudeau has campaigned on a renewal of “evidence-based decision making” and promised an end to Harper’s so-called “anti-science” approach. But Trudeau has never actually explained what this phrase means or how he would apply it to his policies. Much like his “from the heart out” economic plan, this promise is clear as mud and while it seems straightforward, actions speak louder than words. “Evidence-based decision making” simply means that Trudeau has already made his decision, but needs to desperately find the evidence to support it even when the facts do not. We’ve seen this already on the missing and murdered Aboriginal women file. Trudeau’s Minister of Aboriginal Affairs has already come to a conclusion that colonialism and racism are to blame for the missing and murdered women, and even went so far as to say an aboriginal women is less likely to be murdered by a spouse or intimate partner than the women in the general population. That’s just plain false. While it’s true that out of the murdered aboriginal women proportionately less are killed by their spouses than the general Canadian population, since aboriginal women are murdered at disproportionately higher rate it means they are actually 4 times more likely to be murdered by a spouse or intimate lover. Despite any results from the $40 Million inquiry being wasted on someone who doesn’t understand simple math, a decision has apparently already been reached by Minister Carolyn Bennett. All she needs now is to spend a large amount of resources to find the evidence she wants. $40 Million may not be enough to overturn the clear facts and figures the RCMP already released but Trudeau will inevitably just raise the budget until he gets the evidence they want....

Montreal dumps 8 billion litres of raw fucking sewage into St. Lawrence Nov11

Montreal dumps 8 billion litres of raw fucking sewage into St. Lawrence

Montreal is dumping 8 billion litres of raw fucking human piss and shit into the St. Lawrence river, and nobody seems too worried about it.

Poll Tracking – October 14

We’re in the home stretch now, folks. And these polls are utter insanity.

As a Conservative I am worried about what will happen to Canada if Stephen Harper wins again

When it comes down to it, I am truly concerned how the irrational left wing will respond should the Elections result in any form of Conservative victory.

“Strategic Voting” Is Stupid. Here Is Why It Won’t Work.

Strategic voting is bad for democracy and for establishing good government. And, as 2011 showed, it simply won’t work.

Poll tracking – October 5

With only two weeks left to go in this retardedly long campaign, MetaCanada HQ has officially been deemed a hazardous zone by the City of Toronto.

Justin Trudeau says he will ‘seriously consider’ getting Canada a puppy if he is elected Prime Minister...

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau announced today at a press conference that voters might get a puppy if they vote for him.

Poll Tracking – September 28

With twenty days to go in this Big Bertha of a campaign, the Conservatives have pulled into a ridiculously comfortable lead. After leader Stephen Harper came out strongly against niqab wearing at citizenship ceremonies, support for his Conservative Party has skyrocketed to an unheard of 70% support. It is literally off the charts. This number, while striking, should not come as a complete surprise, as a recent poll shows that 82% of Canadians agree with him on the issue. Thomas Mulcair‘s NDP took a hit this week for their proposal to make wearing niqabs mandatory at Canadian citizenship ceremonies. They now sit at 9%. After invoking his father’s name and crying during the foreign policy debate, Justin Trudeau‘s Liberals continued their downward trend to hit a campaign low of only 7%.  In a desperate attempt to save his floundering campaign, Trudeau returned to Nova Scotia to promise even more lobsters to the region, but the promise fell on the deaf ears of unemployed fisherman who are hesitant to trust a politician after so many promises of more lobsters have gone unfulfilled. After coming out in support of Stephen Harper’s niqab ban, Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe saw his party’s support rise to 6%. After being left out of the last two debates and subsequently taking to Twitter to have her voice heard, Elizabeth May‘s Green Party jumped to 5% support, their highest rating since July. Stay tuned for more poll analysis in the weeks to...

The Munk Debate Drinking Game!

Are you cis hetero enough to play?