Below, we use infographics to compare / contrast Canadian federal leaders with well-known celebrities, fictional characters, and animals to help people better understand where they stand on the major issues.

First, we compare Justin Trudeau (the “grassroots” hope-and-change leader of the Liberal Party of Canada) to the Canadian with the most qualities in common with him:

Trudeau vs Bieber

Next up, we compare Prime Minister Stephen Harper (leader of the Conservative Party of Canada) to another one of Canada’s most hated musical acts:

Thomas Mulcair (leader of the federal New Democratic Party) was asked to be the villain in the next Avengers movie, but declined because “Hollywood is not socialist enough”:

Green party leader Elizabeth “Lizzy” May may or may not actually be a horse:

The Bloc Quebecois couldn’t be included in this list because they can’t get their act together long enough to have a leader. Instead, we contrast James Wilson (the leader of the Pirate Party of Canada) with another fictional pirate:

BONUS: We have also included Jason Kenney, a Conservative MP who has a good chance of becoming the future leader of the Conservative Party. It turns out that besides being slightly bloated, he has very little in common with Captain James T. Kirk of the USS enterprise:
Kenney vs Kirk

We hope that this has been an educational experience to help guide Canadian voters. For more totally mature and informative pictures of Canadian politicians, see’s parliamentary Valentine’s Day cards.