Julian Fantino

Veterans deserve our respect, not contempt. Demand more #StepDownNow

Veterans, union leaders, and Canadians across the country, have voiced outrage over the conduct Julian Fantino, Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister for Veteran’s Affairs. Fantino has been accused of giving veteran groups the cold shoulder, arriving hours late to a scheduled meeting and engaging in a shouting match with members of the group.  The result has been one of outrage from Veterans and Canadians, similarly appalled by the treatment of veterans. Next week, there’ll be a wave of closures of Veteran’s Affairs offices around the country, leaving thousands of veterans, young and old, struggling to learn where they can turn to for support.

Public comments such as:

 “Giving somebody a lump sum…that’s like hanging a case of beer in front of a drunk. A lot of our young men and women that are injured come back and they get the lump sum, they go and spend it either trying to buy a house or buying a fast car or spending it on booze or addiction…” 

has many veterans wondering who is really representing them in the House of Commons.  

MP Erin O’Toole, a former officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, took great offence to the aforementioned statement. “I wouldn’t compare it to a case of beer,” O’Toole said. “I think particularly on a day like this that’s a totally inappropriate comment.” The growing outrage has started a movement #StepDownNow demanding for the resignation of the Member of Parliament from Scarborough-Agincourt.