It’s the time for love in Ottawa once more. Chocolates, flowers, and Valentine’s Day cards have already started to circulate. But, in these tough economic times, not everyone has a chance to go out and buy their own cards. We took the time to make some for you all to print and use.

First up, we have Rob Ford, mayor of the only city in Canada, and notorious crack enthusiast:


Next, we have Stephen J Harper, prime dictator and overlord of Canada:


Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau doesn’t need a pickup line with those dreamy eyes, but we’ve prepared one for him anyway:


Now we know the real reason that NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is widely considered to be the angriest man in Canadian history:


Conservative MP Tim Uppal is awkward at parties:


Political activist / extreme nut-bar Bridgette Depape is probably the worst person in Canada to ever have as your girlfriend, but here’s her valentine anyway:


Conservative MP Rob Anders scribbled this down before falling asleep in parliament today:


Warning: If you take Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne out for dinner, she’ll make you pay and force you to leave before the meal is brought out to your table:

win wynne

I’m not sure if NDP MP Pat Martin is using innuendo or not because all he ever wants to do is collect money from people:


Novelty cheque writer Nigel Wright has some risque plans for VD:

15 - Novelty Cheque Writer Nigel Wright

And former senator Patrick Brazeau has appropriately moved on to the strip club business:

06 - GZzRdsH

Liberal leader and Pantene Pro V spokesperson Justin Trudeau is worth listing more than once:

11 - Liberal Leader and Pantene Pro V Spokesperson Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister and environmental scourge Stephen Harper is also worthy of double our wrath:

12 - Prime Minister and environmental scourge Stephen Harper

Master of Deficits Jimmy Flaherty also, surprisingly, had plans for this romantic eve:

13 - Master of Deficits Jimmy F

Finally, part-time mortgage broker Mac Harb was seen leaving these at the bank:

14 - Part Time Mortgage Broker Mac Harb

Do you have an idea for a Canadian parliament-themed Valentine’s card? If so, submit it in the comments, use our contact form, or send us an email and we’ll (maybe) add it to our collection!