Canadian political party discovers possible location of down aircraft; keep it hidden in fear of political fallout

Justin Trudeau, and search mapWeeks into the search efforts, rescue workers have yet to find any sign of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which was carrying 227 passengers and crew on a routine trip to Beijing. While world leaders have pledged their support to the rescue effort and offered their thoughts and prayers, one notable Canadian politician has sat silent, and for good reason. An anonymous source within the Liberal Party of Canada suggested that they know where the downed aircraft is, but are keeping it under wraps for political gain down the road. Members of the Conservative party have responded to the secrecy maintained by Trudeau’s Liberals with a negative PR campaign and an onslaught of accusations, but their stabs haven’t prompted a definitive leak.

Our anonymous source claims: “Trudeau knows where the plane is, but to come out with this information now—so far before the 2015 elections—would leave the party open to attacks, and lessen the impact of the reveal.” As it stands, the party will remain silent on the issue until September of next year at the height of their 2015 election campaign. Then and only then will Trudeau make this information public. Trudeau’s Liberals gained huge support after promising to legalize marijuana. Since then, Harper and his Conservatives have humored the notion of decriminalizing the drug and relaxing any and all relevant possession laws. If successful, Harper could steal the momentum gained by Trudeau. Our source underlined the perceived importance of support for grassroots movements for the Liberal Party of Canada. “Grassroot actions like search and rescue, salvage, and recovery are vital aspects to our democracy. To undermine those fundamentals by solving the problems at the leadership level is counter to our Liberal strategy.”

Trudeau is willing to wait to use his trump card if only to combat the calamitous effects of the Conservatives going soft on divisive issues like drugs, prostitution, and the environment in a timely manner. Giving away the location of the Flight MH370 this early—in what will be a brutal, uphill battle—would imperil Trudeau’s last-minute heroism next year, as well as his commitment to understanding the “root causes” of terrorist actions. We’re not saying that Trudeau has secreted away a hijacked plane, but where do YOU think a terrorist would feel it was safe to go and be understood?