Liberal leader opts out of Quebec elections

OTTAWA–Both federal and provincial politicians were stunned to learn on Monday that Justin Trudeau is refusing to vote in Quebec’s Provincial Elections. With the Parti Quebecois angling to win a mandate to impose their controversial Values Charter, politicians, social activists, and community groups have been fighting to get out the votes.

Despite representing Papineau in the House of Commons, Trudeau will not cast his vote in the Quebec election. His abstention has elicited condemnation and outcry, granted the importance of his involvement as both a federal leader and a Quebec MP.

Trudeau abstained on the basis that he is ineligible to vote. Though committed to participating in the democratic process, he claims his hands are tied, since he is no longer a resident of the riding he represents in Quebec, but instead an anchored Ontarian. Apparently, he is bound by law to keep his votes in the affluent Rockcliffe Park area of Ottawa, which is currently represented by Conservative MP Royal Galipeau.

Some of his more vociferous critics have questioned his resolve, granted the precedent he’s set for breaking the law (primarily to get high). The question they’ve posed is, whence the intestinal fortitude and commitment to the law, especially now when Quebec’s union with Canada lies in the balance?