LPC Considering Revamping and Pushing-through Controversial “White Paper”

The Liberal Party of Canada intends to end the disturbing trend of missing and murdered Aboriginal women by appealing to the so-called genius of Pierre Trudeau.

Trudeau sought to abolish the Indian Act in 1969 with the White Paper, thereby dissolving the Department of Indian Affairs, eradicating reserves, and eliminating the “Indian” status in favour of an “egalitarian” position agreed upon by non-natives in Ottawa.

LPC Considering Revamping and Pushing-through Controversial "White Paper"

LPC Considering Revamping and Pushing-through Controversial “White Paper”

The current Liberals believe that the best way to assist the Native Women’s Association of Canada in their mandate to research, educate, and reform (policy), as well as to deter future attacks on Native women, would be to ignore the historical and legal distinctions currently recognized between Native-Canadians and Canadians.

By accomplishing what Trudeau had set out to do—surrendering Canada’s Native population to assimilation and sameness—the Liberal Party will undoubtedly generate national interest in the tragedy besetting their communities; after all, post-White Paper, those missing and murdered will constitute what former Liberal Communications Director Ray Heard termed “unhyphenated Canadians.” Although it’s not necessarily true that the Canadian government, Liberal or Conservative, has privileged one kind of tragedy over the other, it is, however, likely that post-White Paper, all Canadians will be extended the same kind of protection and respect.

By taking the Indian-qualifier out of the debate over what to do regarding these missing persons, there will be an overwhelming amount of support from Ottawa on both sides of the floor…

The Liberals have a great deal of legalese to go over, granted that—in addition to the Kelowna Accord—passing the White Paper will violate and nullify a long list of Native treaties and agreements. asda

Furthermore, they will have to deal with accusations that the White Paper is “a thinly disguised programme of extermination through assimilation.” Justin Trudeau feels confident that he will be able to pass the legislation, even if he has to “get back into the ring.”