Class of the Titans: The Liberal Party of Canada’s Crusade for the Middle Class*

Justin Trudeau pictured with the average commuter car for a Canadian Middle Class family.

Justin Trudeau pictured with the average commuter car for a Canadian Middle Class family.

Canadian politicians seem to be in disagreement over what social and economic factors constitute membership to the middle class and what this membership means for their political rationales and objectives.

The middle class generally connotes “the social group between the working class and the upper class, including professional and business workers and their families.”  This is a very loose and broad definition.  The Liberal Party of Canada has decided to implicitly define and champion their version of the middle class.

Many Canadians are rightfully concerned if they are constituents in the LPC’s version.

This week, the AP challenged Liberal-Leader Justin Trudeau’s definition, prompting, in turn, a volley of vague and inconsistent responses.
Metacanada, has in turn, called on Trudeau to define the middle class. The following is the response that he issued piecemeal over the past few weeks:



Metacanada: “Mr Trudeau, the Liberals have called for improvements to the middle class. How would you define the Middle Class in Canada?

Trudeau: I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of economic classes I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it”


Metacanada: “Mr. Trudeau, what is the middle class? How do we identify Middle Class Canadians?”

Trudeau: “The Middle Class is the Middle Class. What kind of Middle Class? It is the Middle Class. The Middle Class is the Middle Class. And when you have the Middle Class, it’s because it’s classified.”


Metacanada: “Your response to our previous question did not provide much clarity. How exactly would a Liberal Government define the Middle Class and address their needs accordingly?”

Trudeau: “The State has no business defining economic classes.”


Metacanada: “Mr Trudeau, do you even know what the Middle Class is?”

Trudeau: “Just watch me”