Ontario Premier’s brother-in-law appointed CEO of eHealth. Hooray for Ontario’s nonpartisan agencies!

Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire

ONTARIO—Premier Wynne has been jogging away from questions about her brother-in-law’s appointment as CEO of eHealth. The chief question being posed by the AP is, “Is this another example of OLP cronyism, and how do I jump on that bandwagon?”

The provincial government established eHealth Ontario in 2008 as an “independent agency of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.” Its dubious independence has now come under additional scrutiny, as some are calling Rounthwaite’s appointment, “a Game of Thrones kind of incestuous-maneuver.”

Dr. Jason Mercury—an Ontario physician who closely followed the controversy regarding eHealth’s waste of $1Bn while failing to get a digital health record running—suggests Wynne’s kin would be ideal for running such a mired institution.

With an obedient proxy in a somewhat innocuous “independent” agency, Wynne’s emulated the key strategy employed by her favorite TV icon, Nucky Thompson (i.e. develop and extend your tribe into the community, so that if the community balks at your command, you suffocate them with your different appendages). How I’d love to sit-in on one of their family get-togethers and listen in awe as they can talk about how best to squander Ontario-taxpayer’s money…

Rounthwaite’s first order of business will likely be to determine if there is any archived correspondence or medical records the OLP needs deleted. The second order will be to siphon tax dollars and run another potentially helpful business into the ground.

David Rounthwaite, brother to Wynne’s wife, Jane, starts as interim CEO on March 7, raking-in $210K a year. Between Rounthwaite and Tory’s Robbie Prichard (who made a small fortune off of the Liberal Party’s gas-plant closure snafu), one thing is abundantly clear: it’s great being a member of the Ontario Liberal aristocracy.