NDP and LPC in race to adopt most radically-left stance on abortion

OTTAWA—Justin Trudeau took a very deliberate and controversial stance concerning abortion on May 7, requiring all of his Liberal MPs to vote in the interest of protecting a woman’s right to choose, regardless of how their conscience would otherwise have them vote. He’s since attempted to clarify his views, but in doing so, has again ruffled feathers on the Hill.

Although a great deal of the backlash Trudeau’s faced has come from anachronistic old white men who’ve been with the LPC since the days when it was predominantly Catholic, he’s also taking fire from the NDP.

For years, no one in Parliament has dared to bring up abortion, owing to the topic’s political toxicity. Trudeau has now broken the silence, inadvertently reminding voters that Canada is the only Western nation with absolutely no regulation on abortion. His promise to uphold Canada’s lawless approach has prompted NDP leader, Tom Mulcair, to re-examine his party’s historical protection of a woman’s choice, and to take his Party’s support one step further.

In a press scrum on Wednesday, Mulcair underlined his Party’s commitment to “support a woman’s right to an abortion up until five years after conception.”

In this bold effort to differentiate the NDP’s platform from the LPC’s, Mulcair has ultimately obligated his Party to authorize and legalize infanticide should they win in this coming election. Members of his Party have been keen to stress the ethical and legal “grey zone” pertaining to viability and human rights where fetuses are concerned, anticipating moralistic media-blowback.

One parliamentarian, who wished to remain anonymous, argued, “Scientists have shown that sentience, or self-awareness, isn’t exhibited until a fetus is at least three years of age, and doesn’t begin to coalesce or fully function until around sixty months. There is no reason that a woman should be required to spawn a irrational humanoid and then raise it. That’s simply barbaric.”

Recognizing that his abortion-play will be moot if the NDP uses it as a benchmark of progressivity on which to sit their new platform, Trudeau is apparently considering redefining key terms in the debate, to his advantage. According to a key LPC advisor, “pregnancy” will now denote “burdened with a dependent body of cells.”

Hopeful that this definition will both enable women everywhere with a greater sense of agency and unburden the economy by permitting mothers everywhere to off their leech-like children, regardless of age, Trudeau believes he’s left the NDP no outs.


Mulcair’s only recourse is to attack the new definition and argue that anyone on welfare would constitute a dependent, meaning Trudeau’s agenda would be tantamount to classist genocide, thereby diverting a great deal of votes the NDP’s way.