Liberal powerhouses face off in hotly-contested race


Mauril Belanger, Justin Trudeau and Andrew Leslie

Mauril Belanger, Justin Trudeau and Andrew Leslie

Ottawa Liberals are faced with tough choices when selecting their nominee to run in the 2015 General Election campaign.  The riding, which has been represented by Mauril Belanger since 1995, is now home to some big players in the Liberal party who have their eyes set on running in 2015.

Belanger, a  veteran politican, has held back strong contenders in the past to create what has become a Liberal stronghold in one of Canada’s wealthiest ridings.  Belanger’s grasp on the riding could change this year with two prominent Liberal candidates swooping into Ottawa-Vanier.

Both Justin Trudeau, formerly of Papineau, Quebec, and long-time Ottawa-Vanier resident Gen(ret’d) Andrew Leslie, have hinted at running for the Liberals in 2015.

Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, has risen to prominence within the Liberal Party. A former resident of the riding of Papineau, QC, Trudeau has resided in the ritzy Rockcliffe Park area of Ottawa for nearly a year.  By the time the 2015 elections are called, Trudeau will have spent more time in his Ottawa mansion than in his Papineau riding.

Former Army commander Andrew Leslie is also set to run in 2015.  Leslie has long been a resident of Ottawa-Vanier, living in Rockcliffe Park for nearly 12 years until a recent relocation down the street following his retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces.  After his appearance at the recent Liberal Party Convention, Leslie has ramped up his political activities working with Ottawa area MPPs and LPC staff to shore up a nomination for his race in 2015.

While Ottawa-Vanier Liberals are excited to have such strong candidates in their riding, some are left to question why they have all moved to the same riding if their intention was to run in 2015.  The clear choice,  in some minds, would have been to distribute the talent to ensure a clean and open nomination contest without putting anyone out.

With all three politicians exhibiting their commitment to remaining in their community of Rockcliffe Park,  the nomination race in the riding will be an exciting one which will capture much attention.

Editor’s note: Metacanada has been advised that while Trudeau, Leslie, and Belanger all hold primary residence in Ottawa-Vanier, they are actually running to represent ridings they do not reside in. The tactic is similar to that which brought into politics the famed write-in NDP candidate Ruth Ellen Brosseau. Fill the ballot to ensure partisan representation and hope the national campaign carries the absentee candidate…