Trudeau has now been "profiled" in an article about an article about an article.

Trudeau has now been “profiled” in an article about an article about an article.




















Jake Edminston of the National Post broke some groundbreaking news for Canadians this week when he announced that another media organization, Vanity Fair, was “bestowing an honor” on Justin Trudeau by writing a fluffy piece about his massive celebrity appeal.

“In the coming days, Vanity Fair magazine will bestow an honour on Justin Trudeau rarely afforded to Canadian politicians: a profile in its pages.”

Jake’s article, entitled “Justin Trudeau the subject of a rare — for Canadian politicians — Vanity Fair profile“, points out that the Vanity Fair article discusses Trudeau’s famous and interesting parents. Jake also details a sexy picture of Trudeau that is available in the other article, stating that there is, in fact, “one patterned sock visible”, and that his suit was “dark.” The article in question does not, however, mention anything relevant to the Liberal leader’s policies, abilities, or accomplishments.

“The article was published on Vanity Fair‘s website Thursday, accompanied by a photo of the Liberal Party leader perched atop a railing in the Parliamentary Library — dressed in a dark suit with one patterned sock visible.”

The article also states that the other article states that Justin Trudeau is “the closest thing to JFK Jr.” and that he is “taking a page from [Barack] Obama’s playbook”.

““And now the son of these two — the closest thing Canada has to JFK Jr.,” writes Canadian society columnist Shinan Govani, “is positioning himself as the next prime minister.””

No link to the Vanity Fair article was provided in the original article. MetaCanada will keep you updated on this story as it develops.