A dead thing goes with the stream, a living thing against it.



The sun has set on the great Canadian debate. Replacing it in this darkness—that chased the SNN past the horizon and into memory—is the great Canadian lecture. It’s the same lecture the MP for Papineau regurgitates in front of the mirror. The same lecture, full of empty rhetoric and meaningless aphorisms, we once could roll our eyes at, but now must nod to lest we be marked traitors, haters, or worse.

Just as in the Liberal Party of Canada where subversion or uniqueness are both abhorred and prohibited, there is but one message that the mainstream can abide. There is only one ideology we may publicly enshrine. There is only one vapid and hollow set of conventions and virtues we are to extol and practice. Everything else is cause for offense, mockery, illegalization, or privileges checked.

While centrists and conservative thinkers are present coast to coast to coast—in our newspapers, in our magazines, and on our television screens—they are a dying breed. They are not dying-out because their logic is flawed or their customs impractical. They are dying-out because they are over-hunted. They are hunted and persecuted by those equipped with the left’s divisive rhetoric of for-or-against-us. They are hunted by the same predators who’d prefer we all abide by ten thousand conventions rather than follow in earnest ten simple commandments. Those among the dying who manage, whether by indifference or on account of sack, to raise their voices to question the hunter ahead of his barrage are too often silenced.


There is, however, one vestige of reason and sanity left where neither Lenin nor Mao would feel comfortable hanging their hats. But enough about the National Post. We must remember, up until yesterday, there were at least two.

Despite the permafrost, the Sun News Network is being lowered into the ground. Over 200 jobs were lost. Adding insult to injury, widows and mourners must tune out the sounds of trepidation and jubilee. SNN’s decay and ruin is celebrated by the Canadian Left as the decay and ruin of a body is celebrated by worms. Drought does not take place in a vacuum, however; it will affect all, including the creepy crawlies.

However hyperbolic and polarizing the Sun News Network may have been, it served to offset the left-wing rags and hags circulating LPC press releases and anti-western vitriol at the CBC, the Toronto Star, Rabble, and the like (and they are so very much alike). Without this right wing, the left will be alone, taking our ship, twirling, into chaos, cacophony, and one day, oblivion.


That the CBC—so-called cornerstone of the Canadian tee-pee—should survive and the SNN meet its doom amidst the chiding and cheering of the uncritical leviathan is a true injustice. Not because we should wish the CBC harm or fail, but because we’ve lost a speaker in the Great Debate.

Yes, that speaker was loud and obnoxious. Yes, that speaker circumnavigated expected journalistic conventions and social mores. Yes, it was exactly what Canada needed.

Nowhere else could two Canadian individuals discuss pro-life views without fear of censure or attack by a lynch-mob of SJWs. Nowhere else would host Mark Steyn to rationally discuss the findings in his latest book without a forgive-me-for-thinking prefatory statement. No network in Canada this morning at 6AM would do the same.


Gone is the Western Standard. Gone is the Sun News Network. Sure, we still have Jesse Brown and his ilk, but will they draw attention to David Suzuki’s glaring hypocrisy or his wandering hands? Who will point out the extent and severity of Kathleen Wynne’s corruption or her double-dealings? Certainly not the union papers (e.g. Toronto Star). Who will criticize the Human Rights Commission for minimizing our freedoms and dictating where our consciences and loyalties ought to lie? Or break the stream of unfiltered adoration for Nenshi with a ‘who gives a fuck?'” Frank Magazine and MetaCanada can only do so much.

While the bleeding hearts dry up on this sad day and reallocate blood elsewhere for nefarious purposes, let us remember the failed experiment that sought to give this ship a second wing, the debate a second party, and this country an alternate perspective.