CBC Brings Truth To Power And Power To Our Enemies, For Us

Stand On Guard For Whom?

Stand On Guard For Whom?

The CBC, Canada’s champion of miming politicized third-party propaganda, has published shocking findings from a 4-year-old document pertaining to Canada’s spy agencies. Among the revelations are some of the specific methods and practices employed by the Canadian Security Establishment (CSE) and other security-focused government agencies.

Some of Canada’s most valiant academics have praised the CBC’s fight for transparency and hailed this as the “first step of many towards the [destruction] of this…infidel country.”

That the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the CSE gather intelligence in the interest of safeguarding and ensuring Canadian security is immensely troubling.

According to renowned Liberal strategist Hermler Dietrich, “there is freedom in fear, and fear in anarchy. Wherever the government is trying to sow order and security, freedoms are trampled, and there can be heard the syncopated click of jack boots.”

Canadians, Dietrich included, are wondering what else our fascistic overlords are attempting to keep secret or ruin.

"Toronto Ruins" by JonasDeRo

A future with CSE? No. “Toronto Ruins” by JonasDeRo

The CBC, a tax-payer-funded media corporation that has been criticized in the past for being “unwatchable…wasteful…and brutally myopic,” vows to continue, despite protest, to bring truth to power in an effort, not only to enlighten the masses, but to “educate our enemies so that they may be able to combat western imperialism and give us something besides Trudeau to write about.”

Dr. Lenintrotsky, a professor of Dianetics at Ryerson University, was flabbergasted by what he could grasp from reading the report. He had this to say:

“That new Canadians arrived from countries with which Canada is diplomatically at odds have not been consulted on best-practices for our spy agencies is a mark against our nation and the principles we ivory-palace academics are desperately striving to efface.”

In their report on the leaked documents, the CBC’s Hildebrandt, Pereira, and Seglins, outlined and examined the tools utilized by the Canadian Security Establishment. Aiding them in this “non-treasonous” collaboration were “investigative journalists” from The Intercept, a foreign press outlet.

The team also examined the CSE’s relationship with the NSA, and all the ways in which together they’ve ruined North Americans’ lives and pilfered their freedoms without them ever knowing the difference.

“We want to make sure our private lives stay private,” said one insider who lauds Hildy, Perry, and Seg’s efforts.

“And that we don’t have a Minority Report situation on our hands. There’s no room for the government in my head or on my hard drive, especially with the countless terabytes of criminal depravity I have stored…”

Thanks to these brave reporters, future freedom-fighters will know how to adapt and what to avoid. Moreover, they know what they are up against: government-sponsored false-flag operations, destabilization hacks, and online surveillance.

With both incensed CBC readers poised to pressure the Canadian government into reeling-back the CSE’s powers and annulling their proposed national cybersecurity perimeter designed to “better defend the country’s interests from potential threats from other countries and criminals,” it looks like the surveillance-state’s Crusader sword will be sheathed once again. That being said, there are plenty of unsung victims of the CSE and CSIS’s efficacy whose wounds will never mend.


Had Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier known about the secret practices of Canada’s intelligence services earlier, they may have been successful their VIA Rail Plot. How many mentally unstable Canadians must be victim to government agencies doing their jobs?

Despite their success in this one regard, for many, the CBC’s revelation is too little, too late.

While speculation abounds on whether or not other government agencies are using the means provided them by Canadian law, the state, and by a godless Nature, MetaCanada got a sneak-peek at some of the stories the CBC is going to break over the head of Big Brother in the days to come.


Chris Mikula / Ottawa Citizen

Chris Mikula / Ottawa Citizen

The Canadian Military, renamed the Canadian Armed Forces under the Conservatives, has received taxpayer funds to “respond to major terrorist attacks,” but, according to an insider report, they have, in recent years, also deterred terrorist attacks from happening in the first place. A waste of taxpayer funds? An unfair advantage in Canada’s war against the mentally unstable? The CBC will let us know how to interpret these inconsistencies and to whom to direct our rage.

Only the CBC can dismantle these dangerous state apparatuses before they dismantle what it means to be an easy target. Thank Science we haven’t dissolved this wonderful corporation and directed funds elsewhere.

More on this story as it develops.