With the election now into its third week, each campaign has made some lofty – and, in some cases, just plain weird – promises. Here are five of the weirdest promises that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has made so far:


1. More Lobsters

At a campaign stop in Antigonish, Justin promised “more lobsters” for the region. “A Liberal government would bring more lobsters, with their delicious texture and flavourful aroma, to the shores of Nova Scotia,” he declared. When asked how exactly he would achieve this, he replied “Just watch me.”


2. More Prisons

At a campaign stop in Kingston, Justin Trudeau railed against the Harper government for their supposed “tough-on-crime” policies, arguing that rehabilitation is more important than jail time in fighting crime. When asked if he thinks a Liberal government could save money by closing prisons, he replied that he actually intends to build more prisons, in order to “house all the Conservative Senators and Senate Liberals who will soon be in the slammer.”


3. Free University

Justin Trudeau won the full support of student groups across the country after promising to forgive all student loan debts and to make University education tuition-free while campaigning in Toronto. When asked how his government would pay for this very expensive promise, he announced that he would raise taxes on the richest 85% of Canadians. When asked to repeat that number, he was very quickly and very physically removed from the stage by a visibly frantic Katie Telford.


4. Tax Credits For Imported Mercedes-Benz Parts

Another policy declaration that appeared to confuse his campaign staff came up at a rally in Saskatoon just this past week. While attacking Harper for failing to retain jobs in Ontario’s automotive sector, Trudeau went on a tangent about the cost of imported car parts. “Just last week I had to order a new power steering box for my 380, and my car guy told me it would cost double the listed price because of taxes. That isn’t right. I promise to introduce new tax credits to help offset the costs of these unfair taxes!”


5. “Make more differences between us.”

An oft-repeated line among Liberals this campaign is that “Canada is the only country in the world that is strong not in spite of our differences but because of them.” While it has been questioned and attacked for being a meaningless fluff phrase, Justin doubled down on the sentiment last week in Victoria where he made the following remark:

“Canada is the only country in the world that is strong, not in spite of our differences — but because of them. This being the case, the only way to make Canada stronger and bring Canadians closer together, is to make them more different from each other. Therefore, a Liberal government would endeavour to make sure all Canadians are much, much more different from each other, in every conceivable way. Only then will we be able to become stronger, as a country.”