Poll numbers continue to shift week-by-week as this long campaign chugs along.

Stephen Harper‘s Conservatives fell 25 points to 22% after he announced that the new Home Renovation Tax Credit would apply to “brown people” only.

The NDP numbers skyrocketed 15 points overnight after Thomas Mulcair won a hand-to-hand fight with a grizzly bear during a campaign stop in Kamloops. They now sit with a comfortable lead and solidly in majority territory at 45%.

Justin Trudeau saw his third week of steady growth after spending six days straight last week balancing random children on his hands and lifting them above his head. They now sit at 19%.

After a minor bump in the polls following her “adequate” performance at the first debate, Elizabeth May‘s Green Party slid back to 2%.

The Bloc Quebecois saw a bump up to 12% after leader Gilles Duceppe promised to extend $15 / day daycare services to household pets. When asked how he planned to pay for this and why he was making making policy announcements on what is clearly provincial jurisdiction, he replied with an angry tirade that I’m pretty sure included the word “bibliotheque”.

Plenty more to come as this campaign really starts to heat up!