An alarming situation has been brought to’s attention: the censoring of political ideas and prohibition of free speech on Canada’s self-declared political subreddit, /r/CanadaPolitics – during an election!

The subreddit moderators have long been accused of stifling political discourse with which they do not agree. Here is a typical debate you will find on the subreddit:



Upon further investigation, we have found that – on an almost daily basis – the moderators of r/CanadaPolitics face accusations of censoring speech they do not like. It appears as though they are generally censoring conservative opinions, but have faced criticisms from the left as well.

Free speech is always important – even more so during an election.

The saddest part is, this is the subreddit that actively tries to get our politicians to do AMAs!

Shame on r/CanadaPolitics!!