At a press conference ealier today, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau promised to grow the economy “not from the top down, but from the heart outwards.” In this bold policy departure from accepted western economic rationale, Trudeau signalled a sudden shift to Whoville Economics.


As proven year after year of interaction with the Grinch, the best way to grow the economy, from the heart, is through Christmas joy and spirit. Whoville’s GDP outpaces Canada’s in its December projections alone.

The Liberal shift is a bold, cross agency shift to grow the hearts of Canadians from coast to coast.

Possible systems of a growing Canadian economy would include, “breathing problems, shortness of breath, dizziness, irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia), heart palpitations or fluid retention.” The natural benefit of this plan would also see increased spending and investment in Canada’s struggling healthcare system.

While economists still need time to study the proposal, Trudeau’s plan definitely answers the critics questions on how a Liberal government is ready to lead.