With twenty days to go in this Big Bertha of a campaign, the Conservatives have pulled into a ridiculously comfortable lead.

After leader Stephen Harper came out strongly against niqab wearing at citizenship ceremonies, support for his Conservative Party has skyrocketed to an unheard of 70% support. It is literally off the charts. This number, while striking, should not come as a complete surprise, as a recent poll shows that 82% of Canadians agree with him on the issue.

Thomas Mulcair‘s NDP took a hit this week for their proposal to make wearing niqabs mandatory at Canadian citizenship ceremonies. They now sit at 9%.

After invoking his father’s name and crying during the foreign policy debate, Justin Trudeau‘s Liberals continued their downward trend to hit a campaign low of only 7%.  In a desperate attempt to save his floundering campaign, Trudeau returned to Nova Scotia to promise even more lobsters to the region, but the promise fell on the deaf ears of unemployed fisherman who are hesitant to trust a politician after so many promises of more lobsters have gone unfulfilled.

After coming out in support of Stephen Harper’s niqab ban, Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe saw his party’s support rise to 6%.

After being left out of the last two debates and subsequently taking to Twitter to have her voice heard, Elizabeth May‘s Green Party jumped to 5% support, their highest rating since July.

Stay tuned for more poll analysis in the weeks to come!