We are now about half way through this sluggish campaign and the numbers continue to fluctuate wildly.

The NDP currently sits solidly in majority territory at 52% support¬†after leader Thomas Mulcair announced that an NDP-led Canada would accept 3.2 billion Syrian refugees within its first 10 days in power. The unlikely voter coalition of World of Warcraft enthusiasts and overweight Womyns’ Studies majors were quick to support the move, calling it “a huge step away from Harper’s fascism.”

After dipping 15 points last week when his “more lobsters” promise flopped in Atlantic Canada, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau bounced back to 33.5% this week after appearing in front of his new plane, which as been dubbed “Air Head One”.

After peaking at an unheard of 55% support just two weeks ago, Stephen Harper‘s Conservatives fell 54 points to just 1% support after a video surfaced which appeared to show Stephen Harper urinating on a photo of Syrian refugees while watching old episodes of Ren and Stimpy on YouTube. Harper defended the video, saying “Ren and Stimpy is a classic cartoon, Mr. Horse always reminds me of my former life as a park ranger.”

Elizabeth May, after sparking a J at a rally in Kelowna, now has the Green Party sitting at a modest 3% support.

Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe has not been seen in three weeks. However his party now sits slightly ahead of the Greens, at 4%.

Stay tuned for more poll analysis in the weeks to come!