For 35 years, Canadians have been paying tribute to Terry Fox by continuing his Marathon of Hope. Fox’s extraordinary attempt to run across Canada for cancer research has led him to become a celebrated Canadian icon, and he is credited with raising millions upon millions of dollars for cancer research.

Recently, MetaCanada caught up with Terry Fox, and sat down with him to discuss life, current events, art, and politics.


MetaCanada: Hi Terry – thanks so much for joining us.

Terry Fox: Great to be here, and great to see what you guys are doing with MetaCanada. I stop by the site and subreddit at least twice a day!

MC: Excellent! Glad to hear you enjoy our online presence.

So, Canadians haven’t heard much from you over the past 33 years – what gives?

TF: Well, after I finished my Marathon of Hope in late 1981 and easily surpassed my fundraising goal, there really wasn’t much of a reason to stay in the public spotlight. And besides, I was never a big fan of being such a public figure. I decided to leave that to more willing participants.

Terry running his infamous Marathon of Hope in 1981.

MC: What have you been up to since?

TF: A lot of video games, recreational sports, writing under ghost names, and low-key fundraisers out in B.C.

MC: Writing under ghost names – what types of writing?

TF: Well I can’t give that away – I use ghost names for a reason!

MC: Any desire to write for MetaCanada? We’d love to have you on board.

TF: I’ll think about it.

MC: Ok. What do you think about current events? Give us Terry Fox’s take on the day’s news…

TF: Well, the Syrian crisis and the whole mess in the Middle East has me worried, much like other Canadians. It’s frustrating so see so much hurt, some much tragedy, and feel helpless.

I also don’t like the divisiveness of things south of the border – I know it’s cliché to say, but I really don’t think things have been that bad in a hell of a long time.

On that note, I also generally hate social media. I think it gives a platform to people who have no business having said platform.

MC: On the social media point I tend to agree, but it can do a lot of good as well – for instance, don’t you think your Marathon of Hope would have been even more successful with the help of social media, had it been available?

TF: Yeah, maybe… I mean, there is good and there is bad with everything, right? Sure, word could have spread a bit faster, but it also would have been forgotten about a lot faster, too. Would have been eclipsed by a Miley Cyrus outfit or some shit…

MC: … or, since we’re talking 1981, a Dolly Parton twerking incident…

TF: Ugh… thanks for that visual.

MC: How about the current federal election? Who are you throwing your support behind?

TF: Harper, for sure. He is the only real choice. Trudeau has never worked a day in his life and Mulcair is a fuckin’ commie.

MC: Wow – I think a lot of people would have had you pegged as a leftie.

TF: Not at all. Makes me sick the way Harper is treated in the media. The Toronto Star is so full of it, they even came after me back in the day.

MC: Yeah, they are the worst of the worst. How about music, movies, TV? What are you in to these days?

TF: I’ve always been one of those annoying types who can listen to and enjoy just about anything. I’ve really been digging the new Florence and the Machine, and actually Queens of the Stone Age has been in my regular rotation for a long time now. Otherwise its a bit of everything – Caribou, Purity Ring, Perfume Genius, Jamie XX… the list goes on.

Movies, I don’t generally enjoy. Most of the time I actually turn them off and get up because they can’t keep my attention! I’m sick of all the sequels and re-makes. Where are all the original ideas? But if I had to name some – Interstellar was pretty badass, and I just saw Straight Outta Compton, which was well done.

MC: TV shows?

TF: Breaking Bad was great. I honestly haven’t watched many other new shows – for me, it’s all about Netflix. Simpsons, Arrested Development, Friends – the classics.

MC: Is there a Mrs. Fox?

TF: Haha – sorry guy, I keep my personal life personal these days.

MC: So not even a simple confirm or deny?

TF: Nope.

MC: What’s next for Terry Fox?

TF: Like I said, I’m enjoying my private life. Taking things day by day. I have a few projects I’m working on right now, which might have me making some public appearances, but it won’t be anything earth-shattering.

MC: What do these projects entail?

TF: Haha nope sorry, not giving it away.

MC: …. can we get a hint?

TF: Let’s just say west coasters will be the most interested.

MC: Huh…. that could mean just about anything.

TF: Yup.

MC: Terry, thanks so much for sitting down with us today. It has been a delight talking with you, and best of luck on your next projects.

TF: My pleasure – thanks for having me.