What will happen to Canada’s left under a renewed Conservative mandate?

It is an odd comment to make, but I have real concerns about the future of Canada if we continue with a strong stable Capture33 - Copynational Conservative majority government. On October 19, 2015, I will vote for Royal Galipeau,  the Conservative candidate for Orleans. I will proudly vote Conservative because I believe Canadians need lower taxes and a balanced budget under a government which takes a strong moral stance to foreign policy. I believe we need common sense gun laws, not a fear of guns, and I believe that a terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist- not a Canadian. I believe the niqab is an outdated symbol of oppression and that it has no place in Canada. I believe in Responsibility to Protect and when we see an opportunity to stamp out genocidal terrorists that we do so with the full strength of our Canadian Armed Forces.

Capture22 - CopyI also believe Canada will become further divided if the Conservatives continue to govern. I believe this not because I think the Conservatives are being divisive, but I believe this because I am worried for the left and its divisiveness. Now Trudeau and Mulcair will say that Harper’s rhetoric on the niqab is dividing Canadians. But Canadians have already made up their minds on the issue and Canadians are overwhelmingly opposed to the niqab and agree with the Prime Minister.  I think these two men should turn and look at the hate being spewed from their own base which has festered for nine years and been nurtured under their leadership. For nine years we have dealt with fear mongering from the irrational left and over time their language has only gotten more extreme. The prospect of a continued Conservative Majority could have unforeseen consequences on this irrational base.  Even their candidates, like Paul Dewar have taken to condoning graffiti, in opposition to Harper. dewarstop 

Harper Derangement Syndrome has evolved from years of an irrational opposition pursuit of hate against Stephen Harper, the Conservative Party of Canada, and their supporters.  The irrational opposition has reached a critical point that their response to a continued conservative mandate could cause a rift in Canadian society.

In the midst of the Canadian Election, Stephen Best, Chief Agent for the Animal Alliance/Environment Voters Party has gone as far as to say that he “think[s] a case can be made that [Harper] is either a psychopath or a sociopath.”  This is the Chief Agent for a registered political party in Canada arguing that the Prime Minister is a psychopath.  But even this is mild in comparison to what lurks elsewhere on the internet.

The opposition has devolved into nastiness.  Bob Rae refers to Conservatives as “Harperites,” while others go for an equally simple “Harper Cons,” while many more settle for the classic, “fascist, dictator, or evil” labels.  These kinds of comments are common place to Conservative supporters.  We are numb to it now, but as time passes, the comments and actions become more and more radical by the irrational left.  harperdictatorcomment

Users referring to the Prime Minister as a dictator is nothing new. We have gotten accustomed to this kind of language without addressing or commenting on the lunacy behind these kinds of comments.  When they are not busy getting outraged about someone’s “unaccented English,” it seems this is a favoured activity:


This is where we are at now.  The rhetoric of the left has crossed a tipping point.  Years of being fed theories of secret agendas and an opposition platform of “Harper is destroying Canada” has led people to this point.  They have crossed beyond the realm of rational thought and act out in these emotional outbursts. After this campaign they are left to believe that should Harper continue to govern that Canada will continue to go down some sort of dark and evil path.  Trudeau and Mulcair have fed their base with a continued and ongoing fear of Harper. The worst thing for Canada, they argue isn’t ISIL, it is Harper.

It is commonplace for conservatives to be attacked and slandered online.    A day does not pass where some wayward Canadian doesn’t question how could someone vote for such an “evil” party.  Some go as far as to suggest conservatives are not “real” Canadians, unworthy of citizenship because of the actions of the Conservative government. Some brave YouTubers go as far as to compare Harper to the Nazis.  There is a shocking number of Canadians who believe that we are living in a police state, under a dictatorship, and that Harper is destroying Canada. Rabble.ca ran a series on “Harper’s Assault on Democracy”, and iPolitic’s Michael Harris is probably a Harper re-election away from having a stroke. Hell, even the journalist center of expertise, Vice Media ran a story about a Montreal “Artist” photoshoping dildos into pictures of Harper.

Harper Derangement Syndrome has overtake the lives of far too many Canadians. It isn’t about platform anymore, but hatred. Capture44 The ABC movement and the HDS irrational left continues to thrive without the denouement of Trudeau or Mulcair. Understandably so, without the HDS/ABC crowd, they could not mobilize their hate filled base.  While they are campaigning on hope and change, they are banking on fear and hatred to get people out to oust the Conservatives.

When it comes down to it, I am truly concerned how the irrational left wing will respond should the Elections result in any form of Conservative victory.  The Liberals and the New Democrats have campaigned on the necessity for the Conservatives to fall out of power in order for Canada to move forward. They have built a message that today’s Canada is somehow different, not just worse off, but failing at an unimaginable scale that any delay in unseating the Conservatives put our very way of life at risk.  Violent and hateful speech has become commonplace. Canadians have become accepting of vile and hateful comments towards Conservatives.  When words fail, will the irrational base act out in other more violent ways?

Today, I get called any number of things for having supported the Conservatives.  I am worried what people will be saying or doing on October 20th, when Canadians return the Conservative Party of Canada with a new mandate to govern.