Liberal Insider: Cabinet Ministers to Each Take-in A Syrian Family

OTTAWA — MetaCanada‘s cabinet insider has provided details about prime minister Justin Trudeau’s impending announcement regarding refugee housing. The most striking revelation? Beginning this Christmas, each of Trudeau’s cabinet ministers will personally house a Syrian refugee family for a six-month period.

As of December 11, close to 700 Syrian refugees have come to Canada. This is in addition to another 1800-or-so privately sponsored who came in 2015 before Trudeau took office. On Friday, the Prime Minister—who is committed to accommodating 10,000 refugees by February 2016—joined Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne to greet the newest arrivals at Pearson International Airport.

“They step off the plane as refugees,” Trudeau philosophized, “but they walk out of this terminal as permanent residents of Canada…With social insurance numbers, with health cards and with an opportunity to become full Canadians.”

This December, other full Canadians—namely members of the Canadian Armed Forces—have been moved from their barracks and the base homes they rent into tents and overflow housing. Those moving have not complained about spending the winter in tents; perhaps out of a sense of duty but most certainly adhering to a strict code of professionalism.


MetaCanada‘s cabinet insider suggested that several ministers want to shoulder some responsibility:

“Some civil servants don’t feel they should defer the consequences of their charity to other federal employees this holiday season. And it’s this discomfort that has compelled Trudeau to ask his cabinet to each take a Syrian family into their home.”

In the coming announcement, the Prime Minister will express his dissatisfaction with the RCMP preventing him from housing refugees at his official home for security reasons, and will commend his cabinet for housing exiles starting this holiday season. Apparently, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship John McCallum will also be unable to take-on a family, similarly for security reasons. Premier Kathleen Wynne was also anxious to take in a family, although officials thought her living situation may offend some Muslim sensibilities. Nevertheless, Trudeau will commend them both for wanting to.

“It is clear, so clear,” said Trudeau, “that I have a responsibility to these people. If they are the Canadians of tomorrow, then I must help them today. After all, it’s almost 2016.”

Trudeau is referring to this initiative as “trickle-down compassion,” and hopes that all Canadians will participate. The Prime Minister reportedly promises that on Christmas Day, stoic and invisible to the candid cameras and the nannies, he will have “Middle class Canadians in his heart.” However, one Canadian Armed Forces veteran of the War in Afghanistan said that although the Prime Minister might have “Syrian accommodation on his mind, it is the Canadian Forces who are out in the cold.”

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