Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered an emergency press conference in Ottawa today at 10am. He took the stage by walking all the way from left to right, pausing for the cameras, before pivoting and approaching the podium in the center. His wife Sophie took the stage as well, standing behind him and smiling throughout the press conference.

Justin Trudeau responding to a reporter asking question with no relevance to feminism.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responding to a reporter asking question with no relevance to feminism.

Trudeau opened by saying:

“Thank you Canada. Every time I talk about feminism, in 2016, it gets a huge reaction. The media reacts and the twitterverse explodes. My administration has more Instagram likes and Youtube subscribers than any other administration in this history of this amazing country, and I have feminists, feminism and 2016 to thank for that. I am so proud of Canada and feminism and how far we have come in adding years to the date, every single year. Today, I wanted to ensure that I am still getting a huge internet reaction to this important issue, because I am a feminist, and being feminism in 2016 is amazing. We are all feminists in Canada in 2016 and feminism is the most pressing issue facing Canadians today. I will now take questions.”

<Editor’s note: frequent “uhh”s were removed from the transcript, for clarity.>

When a reporter from MetaCanada News asked about his stance on the current migrant crisis in Europe, and whether the Brussels airport bombing will cause him to reconsider his plans for accepting Syrian refugees, Trudeau considered for a moment before responding:

“What I see in these people is a direct result of a lack of feminism and not realizing that it is 2016. The root cause of their anger is their shock about my feminism and feminist beliefs. When I am Prime Minister, we will bring feminism to all people, regardless of whether they are bombers, terrorists, muslims, Christians or feminists. Because it’s 2016. ”

The reporter, apparently unsatisfied with the response, continued to press Prime Minister Trudeau about how Canada would respond to the recent tragic act of terrorism. Trudeau responded with a small hint of anger in his voice.

“Are you serious? You are a white male. A white male, in Canada. In 2016. So maybe you can’t understand my important message about feminism, or maybe you find it so shocking that you want to silence me, but it is just too important for that. I am tired of getting these big responses about feminism and I’ll continue to talk about feminism until I no longer get a reaction. You are just proof that white males are not ready for this message, and that you are shocked by feminism, but this is Canada, and it is 2016, so get used to it.”

This prompted Sophie Trudeau to raise her hands and clap, apparently in an attempt to get the audience to applaud, before questioning continued.

Despite not frequently campaigning about feminism, not having any specific legislative changes proposed to address feminism, and not having any specific point to make about feminism, the remainder of his responses to questions about the recent budget, cuts to education tax benefits, major cuts to the military, and diplomatic relations with the US were similar in style and content.

The press conference closed with Sophie Trudeau singing a song she wrote about teaching her young boy how to be a feminist. <Editor’s note: A video of Sophie’s song has been removed by popular request.>