It’s that time of year again, Ontario.

Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario government has once again teamed up with Tim Horton’s Canada to bring back the popular Liberal Party of Ontario event “Roll up the Rim to Wynne.”

Most Canadians are familiar with the popular contest that Tim Horton’s provides every year where customers roll up the brim of their coffee cup to see if they’ve won a coffee, a donut, or some other much-coveted prize. In Ontario provincial tax-payers have their own special version of the contest, where specially-hired unionized public employees will bring each tax payer their own cup of LPO coffee (now available in Original and Dark Roast).

“I think it’s great,” says local resident Tracy Whethelm. “Last year I won a $125 home heating rebate. This year I’ve won 47 carbon tax credits. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with them, but hey it’s always nice to win something.”

Even newly-landed Canadians are getting excited about the contest this year. Toronto resident Zakaria Amara was shocked when he learned earlier that because of some minor charges, he would be losing his Canadian citizenship. This year, he received a special coffee cup from both the newly elected federal Liberal Party, and the Liberal Party of Ontario.

Zakaria Amara was beyond thrilled to see he was getting his citizenship back, and pledged to be a Liberal supporter for as long as he kept it.

“You never expect to win anything, but when (federal citizenship minister) John McCallum brought me that coffee, and I rolled up the rim to see that Bill C-13 was revoked, I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Liberals! A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, and now a winner too!”

While most Ontarionians, including the media and yours truly, are excited about this program others, such as all around terrible person and current leader of the PC Party of Ontario Patrick Brown, are less thrilled.

Non-donor to media outlets Patrick Brown

“This event is such a waste of money. Not only does it cost around $250 per person to have this coffee delivered personally by unionized employees getting paid overtime, but the so called prizes are just parts of the Liberal policy agenda. I won three extra votes in the next provincial election, but the fine print says that they can only be used to vote for the Liberal Party. That doesn’t seem right, and that doesn’t seem like a good use of $850 million dollars of tax-payer money.”


Kathleen Wynne isn’t backing down though. “We can’t afford not to have this contest,” she said when asked for a comment. “No matter what the homophobes who vote conservative say.”


While there are hundreds of thousands of winners each year, many Ontario voters who are registered as PC or NDP members receive a “Please Pay Again” response, encouraging them to pay even higher taxes next year.