Written by MetaCanada’s leading climatologist, LordB

Let me preface this by saying I am not a climatologist. Second, let us recognize that 95% of active climate researchers actively publishing climate papers endorse the consensus position that humans are causing climate change. At my own expense I hired a crack research team to dig through the information and what they confirmed will shock you. After sending this article out to dozens of news outlets, only MetaCanada was brave enough to post this information. It is clear that the Liberal elite does not want you to read this.

Anthropocentric climate change is a real thing, but it is not emissions that are causing it. The MetaCanada research team has found with compelling evidence that there is a strong correlation towards dark skinned people and warm temperatures. This study was completed and reviewed by angry white males.

Lead scientific researcher Senator Robert Byrd, a documented Hillary Clinton spit swapper.

This map of average global temperatures clearly shows the hottest areas are directly correlated with melanin. This information was provided by NASA, the same guys that “own space” (Rickyism).

Mo’ melanin mo’ problems

Research has demonstrated that even when dark skinned people emigrate, the countries of destination experience significant warming. When plotted over time average temperatures in Sweden have increased dramatically. The top immigrant populations by origin of country to Sweden include Iraq, Syria and Iran. Immigrants from these countries make up more than 50% of the immigrants from the top 5 population sources.

Sweden immigration graph, notice the large increase over time and the word “Invader” in Swedish I think… I don’t speak Arabic so it is hard to say.

Now compare that data to the average temperature in Sweden over time.

While I can’t read the Arabic writing, both graphs point up to the right, and there is a lot more red. Red = bad. Case closed.


When confronted with rigorous data on the subject matter, the consensus Liberal response was to blame society and call the data racist, as usual. The Liberal elite continue to suppress this information to promote their immigration agenda. Unconfirmed math suggests that every Syrian refugee imported is equivalent to displacing three Chevy Volts. MetaCanada reached out to Elizabeth May to weigh in on the situation given her views towards climate change and refugee acceptance appears to be in direct conflict. Elizabeth May was not available for comment as the Green Party of Canada had just run out of peanut butter.