Now that he’s the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party (and tied with Hilary Clinton in Presidential polling), Canadian news outlets are forced to stop treating Donald Trump as a joke. But that hasn’t always been the case; the Canadian media not only didn’t believe Trump could win, they did it with such a smug arrogance that makes you wonder why tax-payers give them so much money.

Without any further adieu let’s look back at some of the best of Canadian cuckery.


The Cuck Broadcasting Corporation (Justin Trudeau’s personal media outlet) has always been the worst offender with “pundits” from both the left and the CBC right (re: the left) treating Trump as badly as you would treat a suicide bomber who set his device to “implode.”


Fascist or not, it’s time Republicans face their Trump problem  – Dec 9, 2015

Photo of Keith Boag

Keith Boag – CBC Washington correspondent

“There has been earnest public debate in the last few weeks about whether Trump is a fascist. A fascist!”

“Trump is a stain on the Republican Party brand that will spread further if it’s not cleaned up fast. So the party needs to get busy.”

“Who knows where “Republicans for George Pataki”, or for Rand Paul, or even Jeb!, might go if let loose, but it’s time to find out.  It’s a reasonable guess that they won’t go to Trump. His candidacy has become unsustainable. ”



Trump trouble not limited to the United States – Dec 16, 2015

Steven Zhou

Steven Zhou – Blogger for Canadian Muslim Vote

“Instead of arguing for more inclusion and equality in the electoral and economic processes, Trump’s supporters prefer channeling their frustrations through a voice that blames immigrants, Muslims, and gays for the country’s systemic problems.”

“This is why Trump’s right wing base is so dangerous, not just for the U.S., but also for Canada and the rest of the Western world.”

“The American political class has to ask itself why a huge number of its constituents want to support a man who treats bigotry not as a means to an end but as an end in itself”.


The Toronto Star

This left-wing rag would never have liked Donald Trump, but let’s take a look at how delusional they really were.


The bright side of Donald Trump’s darkness  – Dec 12, 2015

Tony Burman

Tony Burman – Former head of Al Jazeera English

“Would the world survive the election of a racist lunatic as the next president of the United States?”

“Let’s remember that it was Barack Obama — not Benito Mussolini — who overwhelmingly won the support of Americans in both 2008 and 2012.”

“The best chance for this may actually be on the horizon: a bewildering Trump victory in the Republican presidential race followed by his colossal defeat — and that of the Republican clown car — in next November’s U.S. general elections”


Donald Trump helps us relive the 1930’s  – Aug 28, 2015

Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin – adult diaper wearer

“Give this to Donald Trump: he helps us picture how the anti-democratic, right wing, personality-driven movements of the 1930s came to power. Those movements are usually characterized as fascist though they were diverse, and the term itself is hellishly hard to define. As time passed, they faded into an inexplicably “evil” moment in history which thankfully couldn’t happen here or now.”

“He’s relatively indifferent to democracy.”

“Though Trump’s certainly no fascist, he helps us revisit the spirit of that distant era.”


The Globe and Mail

While nominally a right-wing newspaper this globalist publication is not immune from idiotic Trump bashing.


Donald Trump reaches ‘new low in American politics’ – July 19, 2015

Globe and Mail reporter Paul Koring.

Globe and Mail reporter Paul Koring.

“Smearing Mexicans as rapists wasn’t sufficient for Donald Trump, the billionaire property magnate who covets the Oval Office.”

“Few serious pundits believe the spotlight-seeking billionaire has any real chance of winning the Republican nomination and none of being elected president.”




The National Post

I seem to remember this being a reputable news outlet, but I can’t for the life of me remember why.


Canadians of all stripes can agree Donald Trump offers nothing we want to share – Dec 8, 2015

kelly McParland

Kelly McParland – Has a girl’s name

“So on behalf of the entire National Post editorial board, which I haven’t consulted (they were out getting their hair cut) I want to offer the new Liberal government one free pass: Should Donald Trump somehow manage to get elected president of the U.S., or even secure his party’s official nomination, we hereby absolve Justin Trudeau of any obligation to treat him with civility and respect.”

“He’s easily the most dangerous US politician since George Wallace ran for president on old-time bigotry against blacks.”

“That’s why no Canadian prime minister should feel obligated to show Trump even a smidgen of respect. Treating Trump with disregard could even be seen as a reflection of national unity.”


Metro News

Literally the only use this newspaper has is for homeless people to wipe their asses with. No joke. They hire people to give you their newspaper just so you can carry it 10 feet to a garbage can.


Let’s just come out and say it: Donald Trump supporters are racist – Dec 9, 2015

“Few are blaming Trump’s supporters for their culpability in spreading anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican and anti-Chinese vitriol. And even fewer are explaining his popularity by calling a spade a racist.”

“So let’s be honest: Anti-Muslim sentiment is only getting that boost because Trump’s disciples are racist. Not confused. Not afraid. Not manipulated by flattery. Racist.
I think it’s very, very sad,”



Some of these Canadian outlets are so bad all you need is the headline to know how inauthentic they are:

Digital Journal, June 30, 2015:  On Donald Trump having no chance, zero, of being U.S. president


Ipolitics, July 16, 2015:  Trump’s racist lunacy is pulling the GOP back to the centre


CTV Vancouver, Dec 8, 2015:  Councillor calls Donald Trump a ‘fascist,’ wants Trump Tower renamed


MacLean’s, Dec 8, 2015:  How Donald Trump became America’s hate-monger


These are examples of the pure delusion, grandioso, and self-importance of Canadian media, and it tells you all you need to know about how unbiased the media really  is in Canada, but this is only a sample. Watch any news report or CBC special and just listen to the smugness in their voices as these losers talk about how much better and smarter they are than the Donald.

But don’t worry, MetaCanada is here for all your pro-Trump news! Stay tuned Northern Nimble Navigators!