Article written by MetaCanada’s International Economy Expert, LordB

The fast answer to any Presidential race is to say “who cares they are all really the same”. Nothing will drastically change based on who is voted in. Anyone who believes that one single President is going to fix all of the problems with the country is probably an Obama voter. All of the candidates are trash, as usual, and as a public service to you uneducated people who can barely read. I went dumpster diving through these jerk offs policies and here is what I found.

None of these people support free trade.

The Bern is outright belligerent about it and his voting history speaks for that. He has stated that there has never been a single trade agreement the USA has negotiated that he’s been comfortable with. I guess he would much rather sleep in an overpriced piece of crap American car than an imported one. This guy voted against NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China, and has vocally opposed the TPP. The Bern shits manifestos and eats red for breakfast. The Bern is definitely not wavering from his horrible policies, he is that cranky old guy at the home that would rather sit in his own piss and shit than get cleaned up.

Grandpa just dropped a hot Karl Marx in his pants

Billary is all over the map, and really just says what she thinks people want to hear. She fails to realize that all that people want to hear is for her to shut the fuck up. Billary says she wants to be a pro-American trader. What the fuck is that? The whole point of trade is to make you better off. Apparently dealing with the economic heavy weight of Canada in NAFTA has left a bad taste in her mouth as she was vocally opposed to CAFTA in her last run at the Presidency. Never mind that the USA keeps handing Canada its own ass in NAFTA challenges and has greatly benefited from imports and exports between the nations.

“Thumbs up for me!”

The Donald is all about American jerbs. Except when it comes to his clothing collection, which is all made in China and Mexico. Now, being a hypocrite doesn’t make him wrong but the writing is on the wall for a lot of these jobs. Good luck competing with the dirt cheap labour and lack of regulation in other countries. Those jobs are gone for good as part of the evolving economies of other nations. No one is bringing them back, and if you think The Donald can you are naïve. The Donald has complained about trying to get business into China, it’s a one way street; “It’s not tree free trade; it’s stupid trade. China dumps everything that they have over here. No tax, no anything. We can’t get into China.” Good luck selling anything to a bunch of broke ass lead poisoned rice farmers. There isn’t a whole lot of disposable income going around in the main land.

Ivanka Trump? More like Iwanna Motorboat! AMIRITE GUYS?!?!

In summary, these people are all shit-tier economists. While two of them fight over who is the bigger SJW, The Donald continues to show he is the anti-SJW and economic policy is left in a smoldering ash of manufactured outrage from both sides.

I will leave you with a quote taken from The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, a book published in 1817, written by David Ricardo. It amazes me that this was written essentially 200 years ago and people still don’t have a fucking clue about free trade. The rhetoric about trade deals aside, Ricardo’s comparative advantage is the one thing economists agree on.

“Under a system of perfectly free commerce, each country naturally devotes its capital and labour to such employments as are most beneficial to each. This pursuit of individual advantage is admirably connected with the universal good of the whole. By stimulating industry, by rewarding ingenuity, and by using most efficaciously the peculiar powers bestowed by nature, it distributes labour most effectively and most economically: while, by increasing the general mass of productions, it diffuses general benefit, and binds together, by one common tie of interest and intercourse, the universal society of nations throughout the civilized world.”

Comparative advantage making protectionist idiots suck balls for 200 years.