After an onslaught of scandals and the resulting negative stories, yesterday, in a major campaign speech, Hillary Clinton took aim at the “alt right.”

The alt right is a loose collection of bloggers, writers, activists, intellectuals, and media types who, among other things, embrace nationalistic policies over traditional GOP policies, and who have almost universally embraced Donald Trump as their candidate of choice.

Despite it’s relatively minuscule size, the alt right “movement” has become more vocal online over the past year, spawning such noteworthy figures as Milo Yiannopoulos and Canada’s own Lauren Southern.

It has also attracted support from some racists, which is what Hillary Clinton is trying to focus on.

It was a bizarre yet understandable (and for those of us previously aware of the movement, somewhat surreal) speech for Clinton to give – explicitly trying to align Donald Trump with extreme fringe elements of a very small segment of his very large supporter base.

What I found even more interesting though, was the fact that the Liberals executed almost the exact same strategy at the exact same time yesterday.

Canadian “journalist” Brian Busby did what all great journalists of 2016 do and scoured the internet for obscure comments that no one had ever actually seen until he gave them a platform. He then dropped a steamer of an “article” on The Walrus, accusing the Conservative Party of “allowing” death threats against the Prime Minister on their Facebook page.

The context of the post was that Trudeau was missing in the woods. Most of the resulting “offensive” comments were about this “shocking”.


As anyone who has spent more than a few hours on the internet knows, these types of ‘death threats’ are unfortunately par for the course.

Nevertheless, due to the nature of the article, it reached far beyond The Walrus’ six regular readers and found its way into the mainstream.

Justin Trudeau’s Principal Secretary Gerald Butts even got in on the fun, accusing the Conservative Party of posting death threats against the PM. (Realizing he was wrong, he quickly deleted that tweet and replaced it with a tamer one.)

So Clinton is trying to change the channel from Benghazi, her health issues, her Wall Street connections, the death of Seth Rich, etc, by shifting the focus to basement-dwelling racists.

But what are the Liberals trying to distract from?

Well, they’ve had a rough few weeks: their Health Minister was caught charging $7,500 for a limo ride, their Environment Minister was caught spending $17,000 on photos of herself, and the costs of their 300+ person trip to Paris last year (to talk about climate change, ironically) keep rising and now stand at almost one million dollars.

And just yesterday, it was revealed that their alcoholic former Fisheries Minister lost a secret document in his final days on the job!

What better way to distract from these real scandals than by claiming that random internet comments are indicative of some sort of real plot to kill the Prime Minister?

While Hillary Clinton is trying to make the American election about obscure racists on the internet, Trudeau’s Liberals are trying to distract from their various scandals by citing random comments on a Facebook page.

It’s the exact same strategy.

Will Canadians be that easily duped?