Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump speaks during the CNN Republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015, in Simi Valley, Calif.

That’s right, not Hillary Clinton, not Barack Obama, not Justin Trudeau or even Stephen Harper but Donald J. Trump. And I’m going to tell you why.

What causes Islamophobia

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“I was never really afraid of what Islam fundamentalists could do until France banned the Burkini” – said no one ever

First I should start out with what doesn’t cause Islamophobia. Creating a temporary ban on Muslims doesn’t, nor does making someone remove their hijab at a citizenship ceremony. Nobody hears that a particular party wants to ban Sharia law and that causes them to be afraid of Islam. A person doesn’t hear that Stephan Harper wants to bring in more Christian refugees than Muslim and thinks “holy crap, now I’m terrified!”

No, what causes Islamophobia is Islamic Terrorism. The Pulse Nightclub shooting, The Nice and Paris attacks, the Belgium airport explosion, ISIS and the Muslim brotherhood creates Islamophobia. 9/11 created Islamophobia. The Ottawa Parliament attack created Islamophobia in Canada. When people say they’re afraid of Islam, it’s because around the world many, many people are being tortured and killed in the name of Islam, not because some politicians want to stop it.

As an aside, if you’re too intellectually dishonest to call the above attacks radical islamic terrorism nobody can trust you to solve it.

So now that we’re on the same page about what creates Islamophobia, lets see what approaches people have taken to stop it.

The Left’s approach: lying and false analogies

What’s the first thing that the left does when an Islamic terror attack occurs (hint: it’s not to call it what it is)? They lie to you. They tell you these attacks have nothing to do with Islam. They tell you Islam is a religion of peace. They tell you the Prophet Mohammed would condemn attacks like these. Through the media, and through corrupt politicians, they lie to you. And if you don’t believe them they insult you and call you racist, scaring the intellectually weak into falling in line (e.g. most progressives).

“Now we don’t know that Muhammed Salabin’s suicide attack on the Synagogue while screaming ‘Death to the infidels’ had anything to do with Islam.”

Unfortunately for the left, most people are too smart to believe them. They know instinctively that when someone shouts out “Allah Akbar” before killing a bunch of people, that it had something to do with Islam. They know when the biggest terrorists on the planet call themselves the Islamic State that those people have something to do with Islam. They hear Osama Bin Laden calling for their deaths and they realized that they’re being called infidels because these attacks have everything to do with Islam. 

That’s not to say all Muslims are bad, but nobody believes the lie that these attacks have nothing to do with Islam.

The other approach is to make false comparisons. This has the duel purpose of attacking religion (specifically Christianity) in general along with pretending to be fighting Islamophobia. The left will say “well Christians did it too, look at abortion clinics or the crusades.” They attack people who did nothing wrong by trying to fit everyone in the same basket (well sort of, the left is fine with putting all Christians in the basket of deplorables, but not all Muslims except the terrorists).

They’ll go on for hours about how most Muslims aren’t terrorists (true) and how most refugees are just trying to flee the violence (false) but they won’t make the same admissions for Middle Americans. When one Confederate flag was beloved by an evil redneck, the flag was banned as a hate symbol. When the Koran was used to justify the death of 50 people at a gay nightclub, they tried to ban guns.

Once those avenues are exhausted their next step is to attack the victims and declare Islamophobia the biggest concern we have to worry about, and insult politicians who try and prevent another attack.

Trump’s Approach: End Islamic Terrorism

I mentioned earlier that Donald Trump was the only person who has a plan to deal with Islamophobia, so what is it?

End Islamic Terrorist Attacks

Trump is the only politician smart enough totrump_shut_it2 realize that if you stop the attacks, you stop the fear. Instead of pretending these attacks aren’t happening, Trump has a plan to defeat ISIS. Instead of letting in more terrorists pretending to be refugees, Trump is stopping them at the (now very strong) border.

How is this going to stop Islamophobia? Americans are very tolerant, up to a point. The peaceful Muslims in America, working a normal job, making friends and not forcing their wives and daughters to cover their faces and hair will not be discriminated. They want to integrate and America will let them.

On the other hand if Islamic fundamentalists come in and kill Americans or refuse to hold Western values (things we know create Islamophobia) the people will not be so tolerant. They will rightfully be afraid and they will fight for their own survival. Muslims who want to turn America or Europe into the third world should not be allowed in to America. Allowing Sharia Law (which calls for the subjugation of women and the execution of gays) into the country will have people fight to preserve their rights. Trump won’t let these things happen.

And in doing so, the peaceful Muslims living in America who want to become Americans can. There is no fear of Islam when Muslims are actually peaceful. Unfortunately the left wants to bring in the type of Muslims who create Islamophobia, who are destroying Europe, and who want to destroy America. These terrorists might have started their plans, but Donald Trump is going to Make America Great Again.

License to Shill’s contract with George Soros has just expired, allowing him to write this post.