What a time to be alive! After a horrible 2015, where everything had to be gender-equal, terrorism spread but only islamophobia was attacked, and we lost a great leader in Stephen Harper to a man-child in Justin Trudeau, 2016 first looked like it was going to be the same globalist, progressive, western-civilization destroying garbage that 2015 was. But as winter started melting away the snow and the leftist BS, a new world emerged. This new 2016 world is great for everybody, including the SJW and progressives who are just too stupid to realize it.

Here is MetaCanada’s official list of the 5 greatest events of 2016!

5. Mainstream media died while independent media thrived

Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) became mainstream in 2016 as people increasingly turned off CBC and turned to Youtube for their news

2015 saw the loss of the Sun News Network as Ezra Levant and his fellow conservative broadcasters tried to compete with the mainstream news sources. Never one to give up, Ezra started Rebel Media and took his journalism online. Joined by a dedicated crew including Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnis, Faith Goldy, and many more excellent journalists, theRebel.media broke stories that nobody else would touch, including the downsides of the Syrian refugee crisis in Canada, and the increasing lack of critical thinking on University campuses.

Compare that to the CBC, and other mainstream media sources in America such as CNN, MSNBC and the Washington Post. During the election the mainstream media was the least trusted it has ever been and the anti-Trump bias was laughable. The CBC, with a huge influx of your tax money, made sure to call Donald Trump racist every chance it had.

In 2016 people no longer believe what the media tells them, because the mainstream media are full of proven liars. To make things even better the mainstream media, after having been proved so terribly wrong on predicting the election,  decided to start lashing out at media outlets like Alex Jones’ Infowars or Breitbart who actually predicted the election correctly. The discredited media calls them “Fake News”. Pathetic. With the internet, national leaders no longer need the biased filter of the mainstream media to get their message to the people, and Trump is living proof of that.

CBC and the rest of the media won’t see 2018, at least not in the shape they’re in now. Long live Rebel Media!

4. Justin Trudeau lost his halo

Remember in 2015 when Stephen Harper tried to warn you that Justin Trudeau was “Just not Ready” and that he was “in over his head” but you voted for him anyways? Turns out Harper, as usual, was right.

Justin Trudeau ended 2015 by breaking his very first promise of bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year, although his new propaganda program refused to tarnish him for being an unrealistic idiot. But the missteps just kept piling up:

He gave up on his stupid electoral reform promise.

Pot-smoking stoners are still getting arrested with legalization nowhere near enacted.

He was caught trading access to the government for donations to the Liberal Party.

Oh, and let’s not forget how his praise of a murderous dictator made Canada the laughing stock of the world for a few days. While his loyal following of Liberal idiots may still back him, Canadians are going to look long and hard at their options when the Conservatives and NDP elect new leaders. Leaders who have more skills than great hair and a famous last name.


3. Social Justice Progressives became a laughing stock to the rest of the world

Smugglypuff is your typical Social Justice Warrior, willing to lie to the police and assault reporters for her imaginary cause

Have you ever been called a racist? Back in 2008 or 2000 that would have been a serious insult, something that nobody wanted to be called. Now you just have to say most Mexican illegal immigrants come from Mexico and you get that label.

Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are your typical enlightened and holier than thou college students in desperate search of a victim. Years ago, you needed to be smart to get into university and you went there to develop the skills you needed to get a job. Now, any idiot who can be convinced there’s more than two genders can get in and earn a degree in human sexuality that actually renders you less employable after you get the degree than before.

For the longest time these idiots were given the benefit of the doubt. People thought, hey, they’re just trying to save the planet. But your average person can only take so much when the future of the country is getting triggered’ by names written in chalk, or when law students are given play-doh and colouring books because of an election result. If students can’t survive without a safe space or if they get offended that a yoga class is cultural appropriation they shouldn’t be surprised when nobody turns to them for leadership or an informed opinion anymore.

There isn’t a single person outside of the SJW’s echo chamber that still thinks these idiots are fighting for virtue or protection of rights. They are lost morons in search of a disadvantaged victim and instead of fighting for a real but unsexy cause, like poverty in Canada, they put their attention towards ridiculous joke causes like how it’s a human right to call a man in a dress a woman.

It’s probably for the best. Knowing the SJWs, they’d probably make the situation much worse for the poor.

2. Brexit

Nigel Farage led the Brexit movement for years and 2016 saw his work culminate in the referendum that changed the world.

Nothing says globalism more than the European Union, except maybe the United Nations. The United Kingdom smashed the E.U. in the biggest F-U to globalism the world has seen up to that date. The British people chose to reject globalism and reject the rule of self-declared elites. The people chose Brexit

The E.U. like many other globalist organizations, started with noble intentions: a free trade and movement zone across Europe which would hopefully prevent a future World War. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The E.U. now is a bureaucracy filled with unelected pencil pushers who control nearly every aspect of individual lives without any electoral accountability. Nation States were threatened by the complete loss of the history and culture of the most important part of the world.

Germany, again led by a tyrannical leader content on spreading violence and rape across Europe, opened the floodgates to an invading horde of muslims who had no interest in anything but the destruction of European culture and the Islamisation of the continent. Freedom of movement of these criminals put them all over Europe, causing mass rape in Sweden, and horrible terrorism in France. Globalism forced Europeans to put a gun to their own heads and they were told if they don’t pull the trigger they are racist.

The people, starting with Britain, said no. Despite what all the polls said, the Brits are leaving the Europe Union while the globalist elites are crying because more nations are bound to follow.

But the polls were nowhere near as bad as they were with the number one event of 2016.

1. The Election of President Donald J. Trump

This is the defining event of 2016. When you are old and on your deathbed people will ask you where you were when Donald Trump was going across America asking people to help him Make America Great Again. The election of Trump was a turning point in world history; did the people want a surrender of individual rights and freedoms, in exchange for living in a globalist world without borders? Or did they want a world where the best nations remained the best and to have a leader that defends its citizens, not the citizens of the world illegally in his country?

The people chose Donald J. Trump.

In an election that shook up everything Donald Trump emerged victorious. The media and pollsters were proven to be uncredible and biased hacks. Both major political parties were shown to be corrupt, crooked and out to attack Trump. The common people finally threw the establishment, and everyone in it, to the curb. Instead of cowering and hiding when the media called him racist, sexist, islamophobic or anything else, Trump stood firm. Insults that would make a lesser man apologize for things he didn’t need to just bounced off of Trump. Instead of dividing Americans up by race, religion, or sexuality, Trump told all Americans he would stand up for them as Americans. The left called this racist. The people said this is what they want.

The polls were terribly wrong, which surprised many in the media, but came as a shock to nobody who saw Trump filling every seat in giant arenas across the country, while his opponents could barely fill a high school gymnasium. Trump not only beat a full slate of Republicans with the party out to destroy him, he also beat the media’s chosen candidate in Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The MAGA hat is an icon of 2016 which fed-up Americans and people around the world wore as a sign that no longer will the people be happy fighting for the scraps the elites throw them

While over 60 million Americans voted to Make America Great Again, it’s a scary truth that over 50 million Americans, and over 8 million Mexicans, voted for Hillary Clinton (some more than once). Hillary Clinton would have unleashed an evil that Western civilization may never have recovered from. Open borders. Free trade. Mass immigration. Mass refugee crisis.

Hillary Clinton was the most corrupt candidate ever to run for the White House. Her and her husband made hundred of millions of dollars while she was an elected official (in the Senate) or a political appointment (as secretary of state). Numerous heroes emerged to stop her, from Julian Assange and his wikileaks, to Project Veritas, to FBI director Mike Comey. The election of Hillary Clinton would have emboldened the left to continue to insult and ruin the lives of anyone that disagrees with them politically. That it is noble to seek out the votes of minorities, while racist to seek out the votes of white people.

The magnitude of this election cannot be understated. For the next four years at a minimum we will have a man in charge of the most powerful country on earth who isn’t beholden to big business or special interests. Whose only gol is to help the average American live the American dream. Who doesn’t see a need to intervene in the wars of other countries, and who sees immigration as a privilege, not a right, for the rest of the world. Trump is going to be a rock for every other nation to build off of, and countries around the world will start to reject globalism in favour of the nation state and in doing so, countries will elect leaders that protect their own people. The fall of globalism is within our reach.

2016 was friggin awesome, and all signs point to 2017 and further getting even better. Lift up your glasses in a toast my friends. God is smiling on us all this year.

LicensetoShill really hopes he wakes up from his coma in the near future, however, he is not looking forward to a Clinton lead dystopia if this all turns out to be a dream.