A mob of actual fascists calling themselves Antifa (which unironically stands for Anti-Fascist) punched white supremacist and all around asshole Richard Spencer in the face a few days ago. The media universally applauded this violence, including Canada’s own propaganda outlet, the CBC. It’s been floating around the internet as some big heroic movement, and dank memes were created to celebrate this douchbaggery.

But this matters, and its only going to get a hell of a lot worse as time goes on. There is a planned and deliberate strategy in place by the progressives who cannot win by democracy, so they must try to win by suppression.

Phase One: Convince people Trump is a Fascist

Since he announced his candidacy by correctly pointing out the problems in America with illegal immigration and the rise of Islamic terrorism, Trump has been a very divisive force. Many people loved him for speaking the truth, while many hated him for the same reason (even if they were able to convince themselves that the truth wasn’t happening).

The people who hated Trump tended to fall along the lines of the elites: movie stars, journalists, millionaires, and politicians who were getting rich while the average American was getting poor. These people hated how everyday Americans loved Donald Trump and his message of jobs for them. They hated how people refused to blindly listen to them when they called themselves experts. So these elites fought back.

They created a narrative that Trump was a racist, sexist, homophobic idiot. In other words, a Fascist. The man who won an award with Rosa Parks suddenly became enemy number one of the media, because he was saying things they didn’t want to hear. While not everyone believed this narrative, it was an important step to get to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Declare Trump supporters Fascists

Once you’ve created the image that Trump is a fascist, it becomes fairly easy to download that title to all of his supporters. Image result for Trump supporters naziAfter all, if Trump’s a fascist, then his supporters are fascism supporters, which is another way of saying they’re fascists. So these people, who started out just wanting jobs and wanting to ensure American values are not lost, became brown-shirt wearing national socialists. To borrow a phrase, the media put them into a basket of deplorables.

When this happens people feel justified in joining violent riots to protest Trump. They start feeling it’s OK to actually use violence against the people they disagree with, simply because they voted for Donald Trump which of course makes them (by the progressive definition) a fascist. Despite all this, the media refused to condemn the violence, saying it’s more prevalent on the right. Tell that to the mentally disabled man tortured by four black youths for being a Trump supporter.

Phase 3: Start testing the Water

Richard Spencer isn’t a good guy. He’s actually a racist. He actually wants a whites only America. While he’s not actually a fascist, he could dress as one in October and nobody would tell the difference. But guess what? Because of phases 1 and 2…

You and him are the same

At least to the media and the dangerously violent left. They’ve already convinced themselves that both Trump and his supporters are fascists so what the hell is the difference between you, Mr. Coal-miner looking to go back to work, and Richard Spencer? How about you, Uncle Tom-Black Trump supporter? To them you betrayed your race.

These unemployable losers that call themselves Antifa decided that Richard Spencer, hated by all, would be a perfect target for violence and to test the reaction of the world to it.

The world failed, if freedom of speech and liberty was to be protected. If a regressive worldview devoid of alternative opinions is the goal, then the world succeeded.

Phase 4: Use violence Against Anyone you Disagree with

The floodgates are open. The progressives succeeded. If you are a Trump supporter, especially a vocal one, you are now a fascist (according to them). Wearing a MAGA hat is no different than wearing a swastika on your arm.

This means if you’re a Trump supporter giving a peaceful interview , you’re fair game to be pepper-sprayed. If you’re going to give a peaceful talk at a university, expect the professors to call for violence against you, since they’ve convinced themselves that you’re a Nazi. If you don’t like a gay speaker because of his words, attack his supporters and burn everything in your way. This will only continue and get worse.

The right is not without their violent monsters, and we need to condemn their actions unreservedly. However, when someone on the right acts like that, they know they have to go at it alone, they will not have the backing of the media or hardly any other right-wing activists. There isn’t a violent movement on the right. But the left can form giant riots with hundreds of people, receive universally positive media attention, and even have their professors encourage violence.

The left is dangerous, because they’ve convinced themselves you’re a fascist. And the world already told them that violence against fascists is OK.

LicensetoShill still wears his MAGA hat, but now carries salt-spray everywhere he goes.