Wikileaks has just released documents that prove the Liberal Party of Canada is hacking the Conservative Party of Canada’s Leadership race by running a Liberal Party insider as a candidate. The plan involves attracting enough support from Liberals and NDP members to nominate the insider as CPC leader, but then to vote either Liberal or NDP at the election anyways.

CPC Leadership hopeful Andrew Sheer seemed confused about the hacking and responded to all questions posed by with “family values”

Not much is know about the hack other than the code-name of the operation: Conservative Hopefuls for Ottawa Never Governing (C.H.O.N.G.). Nobody is sure who the infiltrated leader is or what his or her motives could be but this is putting the entire party in defensive mode following a successful Manning Conference and Freedom Rally.

“I do not think it could be happen here with disk Conservative Party. But it very well could be bad Canada news, I want not it happen on our party” leadership front runner Maxime Bernier told

This is not the first time a major political party in Canada was hacked by outside influence. In 2013 a part time drama teacher on a dare ran for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, and due to the enormous influence of stoned teenagers, was actually sucessful. After NDP icon Jack Layton passed away in 2011, an escaped bear from the Montreal Zoo wandered in to the NDP leadership convention and was surprisingly elected leader.

Further documents for the hack revealed that the planted leader would “support all Liberal Platforms and Policies,” and goes on to say this would include such leftist planks as a Carbon Tax or support for M-103 which is a necessary first step in removing freedom of speech. The phony leader would likely also support things such as increased immigration and hold an ideological difference with US President Donald Trump.

In addition to running a Liberal insider for the leadership, the Liberal Party has hundreds of dedicated volunteers who will pretend to be conservative with the goal of promoting the fake leader. A CPC email sent out early this morning warns party members to watch out for people who say things like “a carbon tax is the most conservative way to deal with climate change” or “I couldn’t support the backwards social conservative ways of the party under Harper, but when [name redacted] left cabinet because of his disagreements with Harper I realized I could potentially vote for him, though I won’t.” will follow up with this story as more news breaks.