Have you ever wanted anyone to review your proposal so badly you’d be willing to go to jail?

Paul Fraser has, he’s shouted his message from the rooftops and he’s been to jail for it, but Damnit… The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans is going to review his Snow Crab Proposal, come hell or high water. MetaCanada.ca is proud to have an exclusive interview with this Canadian hero.

Fraser is a 56 year old fisherman from South Bar, Cape Breton. He’s also an entrepreneur, hiring people to work his ship while he fishes for lobster every spring. When Fraser sees an opportunity he jumps on it, and that includes throwing a monkey wrench into an already profitable industry.

Snow crabs are a valuable resource in Atlantic Canada with prices rising this year up to $8/lbs.

“My proposal for snow crab was the first one for an area never fished before. The area is called the slope edge,” he explains to Metacanada.ca. “Fisheries and Oceans done a survey without my knowledge. They had a legal responsibility to contact me first. Other fishermen were picked and completed the survey, these fishermen received snow crab licences for this area at a later date. My proposal predated all other proposals therefore I should have been chosen for a license by Fisheries and Oceans.”

Fraser goes on to explain how he’s been fighting this cause for about 12 years, which means he’s been fighting five different Ministers of Fisheries and Oceans, including Ministers of both Liberal and Conservative leanings.  The current Minister is Dominic Leblanc, a fellow Maritimer, who should be sympathetic to the cause.

Despite years of fighting, letters, protests, and even a few nights in jail, no Minister has yet reviewed Paul Fraser’s snow crab proposal. Enough is enough!

I encourage every red-blooded Canadian to write to your MP, or the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, to tell them we’ve all had enough of them ignoring the proposals of people like Paul Fraser. Tell them to get off their fat-cat Ottawa asses and REVIEW THAT PROPOSAL!!!!

The slopes edge area straddles areas 23 and 24 approximately 100 nautical miles off the Eastern side of Cape Breton. Paul Fraser was the first to realize the snow crab potential of this region.

Below are some of the highlights of the interview conducted over Twitter.

Licence to Shill: What’s your favorite snow crab proposal meme so far?

Fraser: Favorite meme of the ones so far would be the parliament meme.

Licence to Shill: Have you gotten into any trouble protesting so far?

Fraser: Not so far…went to jail for 7 days when I refused to sign papers from the protest in Sydney a couple of years ago. [See the article here] Not a nice place to be…I signed the papers and they released me. Going to court on March 9 for the protest on the CTV News building in Halifax. [See that article here]

Licence to Shill: What are some pro’s and con’s of your snow crab proposal?

Fraser: Pros: First fisherman to request access for the development of a snow crab fishery in an unexplored area. Cons: should have received professional help with the delivery of this proposal to Fisheries and Oceans.

Licence to Shill: Your signs are very nice, do you make them yourself?

Fraser: I had someone make my signs.

Licence to Shill: What do you like about snow crabs?

Fraser:  A snow crab fishery would create more employment for my employees and myself.

Licence to Shill: Now, if you were the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, what would you do to make Canada better?

Fraser: If I was the Minister of Fisheries, I would create a more equal and fair fishery for all fishermen across Canada.

Licence to Shill: If your proposal was successful, how much would the slope edge area be worth?

Fraser: The current market value for this license is $4.5 Million.

Licence to Shill: If Justin Trudeau doesn’t force his Minister to review your snow crab proposal, do you have a favorite in the Conservative leadership race who might?

Fraser: I’m nether Conservative, Liberal or NDP. I am hoping for the current Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Dominic Leblanc to review my snow crab proposal. I don’t have any favorites in any party.

Paul Fraser is not going to stop protesting and causing a ruckus until the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans does the right thing and reviews his snow crab proposal. And he’s done it all without violence, pussy hats, or disrespecting our elected officials. Certain other groups could learn a lot from this Canadian legend.

Fraser left the interview with the proud words of someone who will never give up when he knows he’s right.

“Just fighting against this injustice….I will win this battle some day.”

You can read Paul Fraser’s blog by clicking here.

Licence to Shill once proposed having snow crab for dinner to his girlfriend who almost instantly reviewed his proposal before rejecting it.