In Jonathon Van Maren’s recent piece concerning the Alt-Right’s alleged shift away from [Judeo]Christian religiosity, ethics, and worldview, there is an erroneous conflation of the fringe, racist and post-Eugenics elements (i.e. Richard Spencer) disavowed by the Trumpist movement with the red-hatted majority, largely constituted by social conservatives, moderates, and libertarians. The former share more in common with the regressive Left given their obsession with racial and identity politics (the Control-Alt-Left), while the latter tend to be united simply in their antipathy for the trappings of Neo-Marxism and in their advocacy for smaller government, fiscal conservatism, constitutional protections, and the protection of the Constitution. I contend that the mainstream Alt-Right is not, as Maren has suggested,”poisonous”—not a “post-Christian conservatism that desperately needs Christianity again.” No, it is not poisonous but elemental to the cultural renaissance that we are on the cusp of, and while the Christians who participate in it are in fact Christian, they’ve adapted to meet the threat.

Maren argues, “As Christianity is increasingly abandoned, the alt-right is filling the vacuum with appeals that sound similar, but with insidious differences.” Again, his mistake is in confusing Spencer-types with the red-hatted everyman. Divisive, hyper-individualistic ethno-exceptionalists like Richard Spencer,  Alicia Garza, and Linda Sarsour, certainly are growing in notoriety, and the appeal they have with the lost and the damned may well correlate to the undermining and waning popularity of the Christian paradigm. Patrick Buchanan said to expect as much in his book Death of the West, and Dr. Giulio Silano similarly predicted what the death of the “Christian imaginary” would mean for the progressive culture once shaped by it. G.K. Chesterton, too, foresaw the coming trend:

But the truth is that it is only by believing in God that we can ever criticize the government. Once abolish the God, and the government becomes the God. That fact is written all across human history; but it is written most plainly across the recent history of Russia; which was created by Lenin. There the government is the God, and all the more the God, because it proclaims aloud in accents of thunder … one essential commandment, Thou shalt have no other gods but Me.

It is unsurprising that the society coached by Marx to treat religion like a tumor rather than an essential organ should be compelled to hurriedly replace it upon realizing the extent of the absence left behind and the resultant weakness of the body. The godless and the disoriented have flocked towards state-blessed social groups that offer them a sense of community and belonging, along with a rubric for behaviour and thought. However, these substitutes have neither been tried nor tested, and lack the kind of nuance and consistency of the institutions and paradigms they have attempted to replace. Moreover, many of those who have sought out state-blessed substitutes have not selected difficult worldviews and moralities, but rather ones that align with or advance their self-interest, meaning they’ve arrived at the easiest kind of religion: the comfortable worship of self. Celebrating your preference of who to fuck and who to blame for all of your problems along with the ten thousand corresponding social conventions is a lot easier than abiding by ten straightforward commandments and loving your enemies.

No, the Alt Right is not poisonous; it is the antidote to the corrupting force that is Neo-Marxism, which endorses the spread of radical anti-democratic ideologies like Wahhabi Islam, Antifa, and BLM, and the slow dismantling of the West. Socon Christians are quickly coming to the realization that the Alt-Right movement is the antidote to the poison leached into the education systems, from kindergarten to college. It is the cultural movement whereby the West thanks the Marx fan-club for trying with a participation medal, and pushes them out with consumer power, votes, and convincing arguments.

I mentioned that the Christians in the Alt Right have adapted. They have not augmented their theology, committed heresy, or broken off from the Church. They’ve bucked up. Not in the lion-food kind of way, either; they do not feel much like dying peacefully at the hands of their ideological nemeses in the hopes of inspiring new faith in them or changes-of-heart, given they’ve realized these radicals set to kill them are too fucking stupid to enjoy a conversion of spirit let alone a minor change of mind. No, Alt-Right Christians are not meek and mild. They are loud, proud, and unapologetic. Gavin McInnes. Faith Goldy. Laura Ingraham. Neil Cavuto. Sean Hannity. Megyn Kelly. They’re no longer willing to take abuse. This is not to say they want to legislate around their beliefs or censor critique. No; they want off the defensive; they simply do not want to be cajoled into praising every religion but their own. They do not want suffer the bigotry of the establishment politicians in Washington and the propagandists in Hollywood who perceive resistance in turn as bigotry. Again, Maren might consider this a gross populist distortion of Christianity, but it is clear from history that the faith has cycled from pacifistic moral guide to the guardian of civilization and backagain over the centuries. Today, no one is listening for guidance, but rather looking for reinforcements.

The Christian God is three persons in one, and Christ, one of the three, has two natures: God and Man (homosius). But he also has two faces in the New Testament. There is the Jesus who bids his followers: turn the other cheek; love your neighbour as yourself; rend to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s; and that the meek will inherit the world. Then there is the Jesus who whips the money lenders for desecrating the temple, chastises men for fake piety, breaks the law to work miracles, harrows Hell, and is prophesied to return as a no-bullshit judge. This to say that there is greater nuance than Maren allows where emphasis is concerned. Yes, contra Islam, which is about blind submission, Christianity is centered on the principles on love, charity, and truth. But if threatened to the point of extinction—to the point where there will be nary a man nor woman left to speak or hear the Good News—then perhaps tough love is required. To impugn Aquinas with a modification: Christian Alt-Righters are right to wage a cultural war, placing emphasis on the example of Christ the Redeemer rather than solely on the meek and mild Galilean who died horribly to elevate humanity to godliness.

When guards went to arrest Christ, Peter cut off one of their ears, and he was made the head of the Church, so how bad can fighting persecution or pernicious ideologies be? Maren perceives this shift in the Christian paradigm to be a bastardization, and he is correct in part. Defying the globalist Christian aspiration of a universal church, Christian proponents of the Alt-Right are playing to the Neo-Marxists’ identity-politics game, and have committed to a kind of nation-centered tribalism that appeals to Crusader militarism and Christian triumphalism. The likely reason behind this trend is that our commie pope and the heads of the schismatic Christian sects are unwilling to recognize the reality faced by modern day Christians. So instead of institutional support, Christians (particularly Alt-Right Christians) look to history to source images, concepts, and writ of political and cultural support/strength concerning their faith. Hence the “Deus Vult” t-shirts selling out everywhere and the images of Crusader knights proliferating online. This is both a participation in and a co-option of Christian imagery for a political purpose, but it’s not all bad. The political arena has been defined by Marxist identity politics. Thankfully, Christianity is rooted in Western culture, and that is the multiracial, multi-ethnic identity the Alt-Right extols.

Neo-Marxism and the toxic ideologies it defends as a means of eroding the Western institutions it seeks to destroy do warrant a reaction. But is the Christian reaction a turn of the cheek and a mild argument? Or is it John of Austria’s sword down from the wall? Yes, the Alt-Right has a strong Christian element, but what kind of Christian element will it become? I suppose that all depends on the civility of the culture clash and what is seen to survive.