Hey person on the political left, whether you call yourself a progressive, a socialist, a liberal or a unicorned pony. I know you think you own the moral high ground but you don’t… and you haven’t had it in a while. Honestly at this point you are the bad guys, and it’s at an almost cartoonish level.

You have your own gangs of armed thugs

Image result for based stickmanAntifa is a group of armed rioters who actively try to halt free speech and stop people from exchanging in the marketplace of ideas. They burn books and buildings, they pepper spray unarmed people, and they gang up to assault people unable to defend themselves.  They wear masks to hide their identities (which isn’t a sign you have the moral right).

Contrast that to the right, we have people not wearing masks, but rather MAGA hats. We even have our own Antifa bashing superhero!

Basically Antifa is the left’s own Foot Clan, Shredder’s inept, weak, and easily defeated group of thugs that always get destroyed by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And just like the Foot Clan, when they can’t gang up on whoever they call a fascist (re: anyone) they run away like a bunch of sissies.

Your base is made up of the Joker’s gang of misfits

So you want to be a hero? You want to stick up for the poor victim and then feel like the world is depending on you, just like the civil rights movement did in the 60’s and 70’s, or the gay pride movement did in the 90’s and early 00’s? Well you blew it, you’re the freakish super villain. You’re not defending a sheltered minority, you’re yelling at people that men should be able to use the women’s washroom. You lie about the wage gap and get furiously upset when you get corrected on it. Once there’s a terrorist attack you immediately attack the people who are trying to stop the terrorism, because they’re mean to the terrorists!

That’s not even to begin with how you attack the traditional family, Christianity, national pride and how basically everything else that historically was considered good, you’ve labeled as bad. That doesn’t make those things bad that makes YOU the bad guys.

If you were in the moral right you wouldn’t have to insult everyone you disagreed with by calling them a racist, a bigot, or a xenophobe, you would be able to defend your position. You can’t because the bad guys never win.

You’re funded by supervillain billionaires

There’s a reason that the billionaires and rich celebrities opposed Donald Trump in the last election and supported Hillary Clinton: self-interest. These globalists don’t care about individual people, they care about becoming rich and powerful on their backs. They’re creating a lower class of people in the West that can never escape their lower class and will keep making the rich richer. They want the banks to be massive and the population constantly in debt so there’s a shortage of work, and taxes take up most of your disposable income. Trump wants to change that, you want to defend it!

Sure you probably don’t think that’s happening but that’s because you’re comically ignorant. I can literally tell you a man is a woman and you’re so conditioned to not offend people that you believe it. What else can you be convinced of? Up is really down? Black is white? Poor is rich? You’re on the moral right?

The woman’s march and many other anti-Trump events are paid for by the rich and they’re not funding it to help people like you. They use you as useful idiots. What, do you disagree with me? Well I’ll have you know I self identify as a gay muslim woman, so that just makes you a bigot (run away now because who a person is is more important to you than what they say).

Diversity is our strength


Basically you’re the enemy of the people, left. I’m not sorry but it’s true, and thank God you keep losing. At some point I’m sure you’re going to get sick of losing and maybe you’ll join the good guys but for now you’re actively against them. From promoting the destruction of Western civilization with open borders and the Islamization of the world to turning sexual deviants like cross-dressers and pedophiles into sheltered victims you seriously can’t do anything right. That’s what makes you the bad guys.


Licence to Shill was a henchman for an unidentified James Bond villain for a number of years before becoming a journalist. Luckily he was one of the victims of Bond that was only knocked out rather than shot or thrown off of a height. Upon waking to and seeing the death laser on fire he decided to apply to the Ryerson School of Journalism in Toronto.