Article submitted by meta-witness Oscar Menzias

New light has been shed upon a string of low-level “experimental lakes” run in part by the Canadian Security Intelligence Services. These so-called “pickle lakes” serve as black sites for what are known as “mind dungeons.” This is part of a growing ring of disparate lakes reported on originally by a small team of Canadian investigative reporters called “Meta-witness news.”

“We have reason to believe that these lakes serve as a sort of containment camp for the purpose of mind control.” Robert Fischer, a reporter with Meta-witness news, points out in relation to his discovery of the lakes. “This isn’t your typical run of the mill type operation. The intent of these lakes runs much deeper than that. I sound intentionally vague about this because the entire thing is just so very vague to all of us, let alone the public.”

“We have reason to believe that these lakes serve as a sort of containment camp for the purpose of mind control.”

Pickle lake #2 (which it will be referred to in later articles) is located in a remote section of northern Ontario. Highland Grove is considered Pickle Lake #1. In October 2012, a small Lake LA 250 plane crashed 1 kilometre from the CSIS blacksite at Pickle lake. Three men from Quebec were reported to have died as a result of the crash, the pilot namely being identified as Michel Nadeau. TBSA investigations have been assumed to have been ceased around 2014, with no conclusive public evidence to assure that the pilot was found despite the identification in a Toronto Sun report. The plane was however photographed (see above picture), and the TBSA/RCMP have not outright denied that the crash happened. The crash is not assumed to be connected to the black site, and the memory of the crash victims should not be overlooked.

A second and separate crash occurred in 2014 that involved yet another lake (L250). The sole survivor of said crash, Brian Shead, launched a lawsuit with Keystone Air Service, the owner and operator of the plane in question in that very same year. The second crash is also not linked to the black site, but exhibited similar and vague circumstances for its crash. It should be noted that Pickle Lake, and Highland Grove are both located in Ontario. In 1989, several teams of researchers from the Research Council of Canada went out to Highland Grove, Ontario located roughly 2 hours from Toronto, wherein studies for suitability of the facility were conducted. Three lakes in particular were selected for their research: Baptiste Lake, Deer Lake, and Elephant Lake. The first and the last of said lakes being connected, both were examined roughly in the same time frame.

The town has since been dubbed “Pickle Lake” to distinguish itself from its original name. The same exploratory venture was undergone in Pickle Lake #1 (Highland Grove) as well. Land about 2.5 kms south of the three lakes area had been considered as a potential site for a new Vlasic Pickles facility. We reached out to Pinnacle Foods, the parent company of Vlasic pickles for comment, but they declined our request. It is believed that the facility would have been used secretly or otherwise in conjunction with the RCMP/CSIS apparatus; but Pinnacle has vehemently denied such charges in numerous press releases on the matter since then. The facility would have been a covert base for RCMP attache vehicles, and equipment that would otherwise has no place for storage in or around the area without garnering significant suspicion from area residents.

From what we know so far, these lakes have been used in the not so distant past for experiments of varying stripes. One of those experiments, involving the release of several hybrid species of trout called “Tiger trout” into the various lakes, was seen as a pretext for the otherwise illegal activities being carried out. This occurred in a time frame spanning 5 years or more. Various varieties of cucumbers were also grown near and around these lakes, in relation to growing interest for the surrounding area to be turned into “climate havens” in the ultimate event of climate induced migration to the area. But perhaps the most onerous misdeed carried out in and throughout the lakes was the “Mind dungeon” coverups. These coverups were documented in official RCMP and CSIS reports accessed through Freedom of Information requests obtained by Meta-witness news. They involved “mental castration” of the inmates; forced and controlled “sustenance withholding”, and “mental deprivation” activities aimed at reducing the mental and physical faculties of the inmates. All these activities that are otherwise illegal in the context of Canadian law enforcement procedure when handling inmates, were carried out in their full form at these facilities.

But perhaps the most onerous misdeed carried out in and throughout the lakes was the “Mind dungeon” coverups.

Local residents asked for response were otherwise caught unawares when it came to the aforementioned blacksite. George Blackwell, a plumber by trade and avid consumer of pickles, owns a small home not far from the chain of lakes. In response to our inquiries about the Vlasic facility, he informed us that “… the plant had been in the works for a while. The site was being cleared of the forest that was covering it. There was a sugar shack on the property prior, before it was bought up by [pinnacle foods].” On the dedicated and vigilant metacanada discord server; user Larry776, whom was otherwise unknown to the other server residents, and was dubbed by server powermod Barosa “… that conspiracy guy” is quoted saying “lol… never go to Pickle lake.” They have since been never heard from, on or off the server. This story is ongoing as more information is obtained.