It’s time to man the fuck up Canada. Men in our country have been pussies so long that some of them have literally started believe that they’re not men at all, they’re actually women.

You need to be strong

Ordinary Canadian men at Vimy Ridge

Throughout the history of our country we’ve relied on men to go out to war and defend our sovereignty when the country asked. Now women can fight for our country too, which is great, but it doesn’t mean the men can start acting like girls. Men used to work in factories, on farms, or in other jobs that toughened them up. Now, many men can’t even deal with some ribbing at work, crying about ‘harassment’.

Ask yourself men, if Canada needed you to go to war right now, would you be able to go? Or are you so weak and afraid of living in the mud and being shot at that you would refuse to defend Canada like a coward? What if men were as weak as they are today in 1944 when we were storming the beaches of Normandy, or in 1917 when we were going over the top at Vimy Ridge? We’d be hopeless and the few good men out there would die because of the masses of pussies that don’t even know how to fire a gun. Whether you think we’re going to war anytime soon or not, the bare minimum of a physically non-disabled man is to be ready to step up to the plate if Canada needs you and if you’re not tough enough to do that, you’re a boy not a man.

Stand the fuck up for yourself

Not a real man, but he at least could win a boxing match

Can you win a fight right now? I’m not saying you should fight but if someone threw a punch at you would you throw one back or would you start to cry? If it’s the latter, then you may want to consider doing something to toughen the hell up because a man needs to be tough. If you call yourself a feminist you should stop doing that too.

Also, stop taking pride in being a wimp. Nobody’s impressed because you don’t know anything about sports, and girls think you’re a bitch if you’re “so in tune with your feelings.” It’s ok to cry if a family member, friend or beloved dog dies, but it’s not ok to cry at a sad movie or because someone called you a mean name, you prepubescent schoolgirl.

Take up some manly hobbies

Look, it’s something majestic and beautiful! Fucking kill it!

Fish, hunt, play sports (real sports not badminton or ultimate frisbee), start repairing cars, learn carpentry, box, go four wheeling, weight-lift, do anything that’s traditionally manly. Get some testosterone flowing through your blood! It doesn’t mean you can’t have other hobbies like playing video games or magic cards, but at least take up something that if a kid looks up to you they can actually look up to you.

Why are you ranting and being so mean?

The world is fucked up right now. Can you defend your country? Your children? Your own life? Or would you rather let diversity be your strength because you have none?

Because Canada is getting weak, and boys are becoming proud of being sissies. There are objective standards to being a man and if you’re not meeting at least some of them you’re a waste of a body to society. We need a strong society with at least the majority of men fulfilling the male gender roles or else society will collapse. If Canadians can’t stand up for ourselves, the rest of the world will walk all over us.

Instead, we have people trying to tell us that gender is just a social construct and your genitals have no bearing on what gender you are. That’s bullshit. Your genitals determine your gender but it’s up to you to fill the role and the further you deviate from that role, the less use you are to society. Some physically male people are so weak and devoid of masculinity that they actually believe they’re women. They’re not, but they’re not fulfilling their roles in society as men either. And that’s what we need, we need a strong society, but we have one where men are afraid of being men.

Also, don’t eat soy. 

Licence to Shill stole someone’s lunch money after writing this article but then he felt bad about it so he questioned the sexuality of a skinny man until he felt better.