Liberal promises to support veterans fallen by the wayside while agenda dominated by settling with terrorists

The Prime Minister stood firm in his defense of terrorists declaring that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, while promising no convicted terrorist would ever lose their Canadian citizenship. Constitutional challenges aside, his bold and passionate defense of terrorists was at the top of his ambitious legislative agenda. Bill C-6 undid many changes introduced by the former government, including dismantling the powers enabling the government to revoke the Canadian citizenship of duel citizen convicted terrorists. While Bill C-6 achieved rapid passage through Parliament, promises to veterans still have not been kept.

Through the election campaign, the Liberals promised a return of lifelong pensions for injured veterans. Yet this has never happened. Additional promises such as education benefits for veterans have also yet to materialize. Due to Liberal inaction, a class action lawsuit has been resumed by a frustrated veterans group. The veterans continue to fight for benefits owed to them for their service and sacrifice for their country.

“No veteran’ should have to take ‘their own government’ to court”

Member of Parliament John Brassard accused Trudeau of broken promises in the House of Commons declaring, “The Prime Minister stood with his hand over his heart and he promised, ‘no veteran’ should have to take ‘their own government’ to court. The Liberals have not fulfilled their campaign promise to return to lifelong pensions, forcing Equitas veterans to continue to fight in court.”

What Trudeau has actually ensured is that no terrorist should even have to take “their own government” to court.

Over the Canada Day weekend it was revealed that the Liberals would offer convicted murderer and IED aficionado Omar Khadr $10 million for his tribulations after being captured by American forces. Khadr, who confessed his crimes as part of a plea deal, had taken up the task to support terrorists in Khost, Afghanistan with the intent of killing NATO forces, including Canadians. This $10M hand out will go a long way in helping Khadr struggle through his free education.

While Government bureaucrats must have worked overtime to reach a timely conclusion to Khadr’s case, they remain paralyzed with inaction progressing towards real change for veterans. In fact, the Liberal government went out of their way to bring back the lawyer who argued that Ottawa had no sacred obligation towards veterans. The liberal government has had one of the lightest legislative agendas in recent history and while support to veterans has stagnated, support for convicted terrorists has moved forward with alarming speed.

From the terrorist actions of Khadr and his ilk, soldiers from Canada and our allies have witnessed and experienced untold horrors. While the CAF and Veterans Affairs strain to provide appropriate mental health support to soldiers suffering from service related injuries, Trudeau’s government has managed a negotiated paycheque to a man to sought to inflict such injuries, and worse, upon then.

Canada’s sacred obligation

As Sir Robert Borden committed on the eve of Vimy Ridge, “no man, whether he goes back or whether he remains in Flanders, will have just cause to reproach the government for having broken faith with the men who won and the men who died.”

The Government of Canada has a sacred obligation to its soldiers and this government has utterly failed in this regard. While veterans wait for their day in court, Khadr will be getting an apology before our veterans do.

The priorities of this government reveal a disappointing, if not surprising, contempt for veterans and those in uniform.

This is not the real change veterans deserve.