Legal briefs are now being prepared to have the Governor General’s appointment set aside as illegal.

OTTAWA—On October 2, 2017, Montreal Liberal Julie Payette was appointed Governor General of Canada. The appointment was legally solemnized by three oaths sworn by Ms. Payette on a Bible. It turns out that Ms. Payette thinks belief in a Divine Being is “oh my goodness”, a ridiculous notion. Yet she swore an oath to God three times to get her new job, knowing that doing so was a fraud.

In making such oaths she is not only insulting the majority of Canadians who think it is unscientific to assert that everything (a.k.a. “Creation”) came from nothing, she voided the efficacy of her oaths at law. Like her fellow Montreal Liberal atheist appointee Michaëlle Jean, she could have affirmed her commitments instead of swearing a false oath she knows could not be binding on her conscience to a God she thinks doesn’t exist.

Legal briefs are now being prepared to confirm Payette’s appointment is void.