OTTAWA—Canada’s Minister of Transport Marc Garneau (Lib: Westmount) and Canada’s Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Dominic LeBlanc (Lib: Beauséjour) announced today that the Government’s Bill C-48 (the “Oil Tanker Moratorium Act”) will be amended to preclude oil tanker traffic in the St. Lawrence River.

The amendment has been the result of efforts to save the North Atlantic right whale from extinction. The original bill applied only to northern British Columbia and was designed by Gary Butts and others in the Prime Minister’s office to cripple the Alberta oil industry. Not including the St. Lawrence in the moratorium was widely seen as anomalous given the rich diversity of wildlife in the river, and the possible extinction of the whale. After all, the Port of Montreal handles approximately 640 ships carrying petroleum products each year. The North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium has congratulated the Government for doing the right thing.

When the Bill was first introduced, Minister Garneau stated: “The Government of Canada is committed to demonstrating a clean environment and a strong economy can go hand-in-hand.”

Doing right by the right whale.

By extending the moratorium to the St. Lawrence, the Minister is acknowledging the same balance should be applied in his native province, which is the location of several refineries supplied by oil tankers from Saudi Arabia—often criticized as unethical oil given Saudi support for Wahhabi terrorism, the stoning of women and homosexuals, the killing of Shias, and other grotesque human rights violations.

It is not clear what influence the Irvings (who had promoted a pipeline that would safely ship Canadian oil) may have had via Mr. New Brunswick MP LeBlanc, himself known to be available to advance local interests provided there is a ‘suitable’ arrangement.

Speculation has it that former World Wildlife Fund CEO Gary Butts was torn between helping a Maritime business and the environment, and having to treat Quebec with the same malice as Western Canada. The Prime Minister could not comment.