Governor General Julie Payette’s attack on people who actually believe the “world was created” (or that scientifically it could not have come from nothing) has received considerable press, but it’s her attack on astrology that has rocked the Trudeau household.

Given her background, it is no surprise our new representative of a Queen who is a practicing Christian, the Head of the Church of England, and who employs the title “Defender of the Faith”, should swear to uphold her office on a Bible, all while mocking the beliefs of the Queen she represents. Apparently, integrity and intellectual honesty weren’t on the curriculum at Engineering school.

For the Trudeau family, insulting religion is not a problem. Justin is Catholic when it suits him politically, but is otherwise as anti-Christian as the rest of his Laurentian-elite liberal friends. Apparently, integrity and intellectual honesty weren’t on the curriculum at Drama School either.

The issue in the Trudeau household was the Liberal Governor General’s attack on astrology, which has infuriated Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. Sophie’s dedication to the occult—including star charts, crystals, and the channeling of cosmic forces through her Nietzschean superman Justin to remake humanity—has been well documented in the Globe & Mail and elsewhere. By trashing astrology and its occult fellow travelers, Julie has put Justin in a bind.

Canada’s first male feminist now has to balance an erratic Liberal Governor General who does not like to be contradicted (she was charged with beating at least one of her former husbands and will not share the road with opposing motorists), his Mommy’s unique metaphysical views, and a very upset wife with access to the forces of the universe. Speculation has it that Julie will soon resign for “family reasons.” Reports that the Palace is scoping out Ottawa region underpasses are certainly not true.