Justin Trudeau’s Kross-Kanada Komedy™ tour came to an abrupt end in Fort McMurray, Alberta, yesterday after an ill-advised holocaust joke had the mostly oil-sand workers scrambling for the door.

“I was working the crowd, as I usually do at these type of events and people were laughing and having an overall good time for the most part,” the 29th best Canadian Prime Minister told metacanada.ca. “But I tried a joke that usually works well in private but didn’t fly here apparently. It happens.”

“Oh no, please don’t shoot me Mr. Farmer” Trudeau received high praise for his portrayal of deceased First Nations youth Colton Boushie in this comedy routine.

The comedy tour began as a series of Townhall style events, after Trudeau got bored of the mundane policy questions and decided to instead heckle the crowd, telling one woman to use “peoplekind” instead of “mankind” and told a one-legged veteran to stop asking for too much. After those gaffs were played off as jokes, Trudeau decided he would have fun at the rest of his shows, doing a Cheech and Chong style comedy routine with Elizabeth May in Victoria, followed by a Colton Boushie skit in Saskatoon. But it was his latest show in Fort Mac that caused him the most trouble.

“Really, his show started off good. He made the same types of jokes we were used to seeing on TV, you know, saying that hijab scissor attacks are the biggest concern today and telling us that ISIS fighters will make great Canadians. Just the the kind of stuff that’s so unbelievable it has to be a joke,” said audience member Bolton Choushie. “But then, near the end I think Justin was getting a little too drunk and he told the holocaust joke. That went too far.”

After having the crowd in tears at his spot on impression of Stephen Harper balancing the budget only to reveal his giant deficits on a screen behind him, Trudeau spotted an oil worker in the crowd and singled him out.

“Hey, you. Yes you sir. You work in the oil fields right?”

The man was laughing so hard he couldn’t respond.

“Well do you know why Germany started burning Canadian oil in World War Two? Because they ran out of Jews!”

The official apology for victims of Justin Trudeau’s comedy tour is expected within the next few weeks.

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