MetaCanada launched in February 2014 with a straightforward mandate: utilize sardonic humour, revisionist histories, memes, speculative fiction, and satire to analyze and undercut prevailing, dominant attitudes and misconceptions about Canadian life, politics, and society. In doing so, we set out to entertain but also to heighten readers’ awareness of sensationalist re-presentations and spin perpetrated by other publications and presentations.

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The Editors and Poorly-treated Interns



Meta: A prefix indicating an abstraction from another concept, or something that is self-referential.

MetaCanada started out as a “subreddit” on the social news and entertainment website Reddit. The progenitor, a scorned and frustrated r/Canadian known by the alias Barosa, created the MetaCanada subreddit as a place to mock and parody the tedious internet posts made on the senior Canada subreddit. Not long after, a community arose with a verve for running the usual news through an absurdist sieve.

If you don’t know what Reddit is, then this guide might be able to answer some or all of your questions.

Zine: An online magazine is a magazine published on the Internet, through bulletin board systems and other forms of public computer networks. It does not require a printing press or a license to kill.  

Noting the subreddit’s success with political engagements and lulz, we set out to provide Canadians with a humorous alternative-news site that parodies and responds to the frequently unquestioned, dominant imaginary affirmed by other Canadian publications, however it’s aimed or marketed, right or left. With a centrist anchor, everyone—Liberal or Conservative, New Democrat or Green—is fair game. While fundamentally satirical, we wanted MetaCanada to contain elements that possibly forsook the acidic, reactionary mode omnipresent on /r/metacanada, in an effort to prompt and/or engage in frank and serious discussion. 


MetaCanada.ca was started by Reddit users medym (Publisher and Contributor), joetravers (Managing Editor), barosa (Editor and Contributor), and sweet_nightmares (Editor and Media Evangelist). Special thanks to DavidReiss666 (PreCog) for his valuable insights and for his ongoing support, and RedWizards for his contributions.


“It’s literally the best online news source in Canada.” —Justin Trudeau

“It’s out of this world!” —Commander Hadfield

“You have to understand that people that are hurting are going to criticize.” —George H.W. Bush