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MetaCanada guide to policy – Free Trade

Article written by MetaCanada’s International Economy Expert, LordB The fast answer to any Presidential race is to say “who cares they are all really the same”. Nothing will drastically change based on who is voted in. Anyone who believes that one single President is going to fix all of the problems with the country is probably an Obama voter. All of the candidates are trash, as usual, and as a public service to you uneducated people who can barely read. I went dumpster diving through these jerk offs policies and here is what I found. None of these people...

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New DNA evidence reveals a shocking twist in Jian Ghomeshi trial

Earlier today received shocking new DNA evidence related to the Jian Ghomeshi trial. The former Q “star” (now embroiled in controversy over a recent legal decision to dismiss assault charges) was originally thought to be raised in a Muslim household by Iranian parents. has received new information that strongly suggests Jian Ghomeshi was not, in fact, of Iranian descent, but is actually Syrian.

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Canadian Solidarity

In a sign of national solidarity Canadians stood up for one another across the country. In a singular voice Canadians shouted “We have had enough. We will no longer purchase foreign tomatoes and foreign ketchup.”

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Justin Trudeau: “In 2016, feminism in Canada is about feminism”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered an emergency press conference in Ottawa today at 10am. He took the stage by walking all the way from left to right, pausing for the cameras, before pivoting and approaching the podium in the center. His wife Sophie took the stage as well, standing behind him and smiling throughout the press conference. Trudeau opened by saying: “Thank you Canada. Every time I talk about feminism, in 2016, it gets a huge reaction. The media reacts and the twitterverse explodes. My administration has more Instagram likes and Youtube subscribers than any other administration in this...

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