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Infographics: Compare and contrast the federal party leaders

Below, we use infographics to compare / contrast Canadian federal leaders with well-known celebrities, fictional characters, and animals to help people better understand where they stand on the major issues. First, we compare Justin Trudeau (the “grassroots” hope-and-change leader of the Liberal Party of Canada) to the Canadian with the most qualities in common with him: Next up, we compare Prime Minister Stephen Harper (leader of the Conservative Party of Canada) to another one of Canada’s most hated musical acts: Thomas Mulcair (leader of the federal New Democratic Party) was asked to be the villain in the next Avengers...

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It’s Hip to be Ford

Rob Ford projected to win next mayoral election due to overwhelming “ironic” vote from smug Toronto hipsters TORONTO—Several sub-classes of Toronto hipster have announced their enthusiastic support for Rob Ford’s re-election after pausing to revel in this past year’s most scandalous headlines. As one of MetaCanada’s most hard-hitting investigative journalists, I took to the streets of downtown Toronto to interview some of the awful, awful people littered about the place. I encountered a surprising number of “ironic” hipsters, several of whom were wearing rain boots with no socks despite the inclement weather at the time. The tattoos on their...

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Local nobody Trent Somerset pursuing career in blogging

Trent, a third-year undergrad droput, is excited about creating satire website containing no original ideas EAST VANCOUVER—Trent Somerset, the author of a new comedy website, decided to make it “kinda like the Onion, but more about topics that we deal with, like our country and stuff; or whatever.” Somerset pledged that in order to keep such a website fresh and interesting, he would include hidden social commentary in the comedy. “I remember when I first saw an Onion article. At first I thought it was real, but then I realized it was clever satire and was actually deep. And...

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Justin Trudeau’s guide to arguing like a child on Twitter

How to use snarky sarcasm to destroy haters: An article by Justin Trudeau Hello friends. As you know, it can be difficult to stay #positive and #hopeful in the face of demonizing negativity from the Right. As leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, I know that we can be better than that. We are better than everyone who supports Stephen Harper. The easiest way to spread our message is over Twitter, since long sentences are hard for people to read. Since I’m so experienced in the political game, I feel the need to set the example, and show my supporters the most effective and essential methods for shutting out negativity on Twitter: 1. Use straight sarcasm to win the fight Some guy with a large head butted into my vicious argument with some businessman who’d insulted me. He suggested I was “trolling” him. Rather than ignore this person, or continue with the primary argument, I decided, instead, to pretend that he was trying to give me advice on trolling. LOL! I added “means a lot to me,” which is funny because it actually doesn’t mean a lot to me, and he wasn’t actually giving me advice. I bet he was SO MAD about it! #hardworkandchange #Trud-owned 2. Twist insults into compliments I was winning an epic fight against some kid named @ReverendBlair, when some nobody named Chris Cain suggested that the Supreme...

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