Author: Fabian Derkowitz

Meet Canada’s Newest Supreme Court Justice: Sheilah Martin

Courtesy of r/metacanada Sheilah Martin has been appointed to Canada’s Supreme Court. With McLachlin stepping down, 3 of the 8 justices are now Quebec-born. Martin is an apparent third-wave feminist, a neo-Marxist, and she will be gunning for the legal profession. Her sugar-coated focus is on:  “increasing the number of under-represented groups in law schools and the legal profession.​” Sheilah is best known for having thrown out the requirement for a psychiatric evaluation on the day of a Canadian medical patient’s euthanasia.  Instead of detailing her charmed life advanced by kisses from Canada’s regressive left, let’s look instead at her publication...

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Ottawa to Ban St. Lawrence River Oil Tankers to Save Right Whale

OTTAWA—Canada’s Minister of Transport Marc Garneau (Lib: Westmount) and Canada’s Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Dominic LeBlanc (Lib: Beauséjour) announced today that the Government’s Bill C-48 (the “Oil Tanker Moratorium Act”) will be amended to preclude oil tanker traffic in the St. Lawrence River. The amendment has been the result of efforts to save the North Atlantic right whale from extinction. The original bill applied only to northern British Columbia and was designed by Gary Butts and others in the Prime Minister’s office to cripple the Alberta oil industry. Not including the St. Lawrence in the moratorium was widely seen...

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