Author: Alexander B. Reasonable

Science Fiction: A Blunted Tool and Our Way Forward

Science fiction is far more than just a genre of art and literature and more than just a niche for escapists and children. It is a wonderful tool with which artists are able to make sense of new and emerging ideas, technologies, and trends. It is a vehicle for unpopular criticism and thought experiments otherwise impalpable or loathsome when consumed as lectures or essays. Like the journalist who holds politicians and the powerful to account for yesterday’s failings and accountable tomorrow for promises made today, science fiction projects us into the future along with the consequences of our actions,...

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Bedroom Hiring Practices

Unelected Professional-Shopper Deserves Tax-Funded Sponsorship to Pursue Her Dreams and Interests In a recent Globe and Mail article in which white-knight John Fraser rushed like a hunch-backed sycophant to Sophie Trudeau’s rescue (from the justified outrage and rational opposition of tax-paying Canadians responding to her petition for help), Fraser argued: “We did kind of elect [Sophie], didn’t we?” In short, no we didn’t. There was no indication in October 2015 that a Liberal Party win would mean Claire and Frank Unqualified would be running Canada into the ground as a team. Just imagine: an anti-Western substitute drama-teacher and a personal-shopper-cum-TV-show-host running a...

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Trudeau Government in a Race Against Time

  Trudeau Government Rushing to React to Major Geopolitical Changes Expected January 1st Written by u/LicensetoShill OTTAWA – Justin Trudeau’s newly formed government has already been forced to abandon many campaign promises, such as limiting their budget deficits to $10 billion annually or bringing in 25,000 refugees by the end of the year, but sources close to the party predict even more drastic changes are expected to come as of January 1st, 2016. “Justin’s panicking over the news, and I can’t blame him. Almost nobody in the party saw this coming, but luckily a security guard, hired by [former...

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