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Justin Trudeau’s Shocking Preventative Surgery

Justin Trudeau secretly underwent a preventive surgery for brain cancer Reporter: L.C. Liberal leader and Prime Ministerial hopeful Justin Trudeau revealed Tuesday morning that one year-ago-today, he underwent a risky preventive surgery. Three-quarters of his brain were removed in hopes of reducing his risk of cancer. Writing in J-14, the leader of the third party said that a 2013 blood test showed a possible early sign of cancer. The news came as a blow to the MP, as he had already had preventative surgery to remove his testicles. “I went through what I imagine thousands of other men have...

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Counter-Counter-Strike: Undermining the Canadian Surveillance State

CBC Brings Truth To Power And Power To Our Enemies, For Us The CBC, Canada’s champion of miming politicized third-party propaganda, has published shocking findings from a 4-year-old document pertaining to Canada’s spy agencies. Among the revelations are some of the specific methods and practices employed by the Canadian Security Establishment (CSE) and other security-focused government agencies. Some of Canada’s most valiant academics have praised the CBC’s fight for transparency and hailed this as the “first step of many towards the [destruction] of this…infidel country.” That the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the CSE gather intelligence in the interest of safeguarding and...

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Apollo Has Fallen: The Death Of The SNN

A dead thing goes with the stream, a living thing against it. The sun has set on the great Canadian debate. Replacing it in this darkness—that chased the SNN past the horizon and into memory—is the great Canadian lecture. It’s the same lecture the MP for Papineau regurgitates in front of the mirror. The same lecture, full of empty rhetoric and meaningless aphorisms, we once could roll our eyes at, but now must nod to lest we be marked traitors, haters, or worse. Just as in the Liberal Party of Canada where subversion or uniqueness are both abhorred and...

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Saving the CBC: Noblesse oblige

The CBC, or what some might refer to as the cornerstone of the great Canadian teepee, is an important historical and cultural institution. It has entertained several of us for decades. Air Farce. 22 Minutes. Mr. D. Republic of Doyle. Hockey Night in Canada. These are shows Canadians have paid for, but like an abortion, it’s an expense few try not to think about or revisit. The question of the CBC’s legacy or the quality of its uninteresting content is not in dispute. Its future, on the other hand… Over the past decade, the CBC has fallen in a...

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Remembering Fallen Canadian Heroes and Heroes Living Still

November is days away, and with it come poppies prompting remembrance, but we ought to to remember the sacrifices that Canada’s bravest have made for their country, for their friends, for their family, and for future generations, all year-round. Thank you for joining us in remembering Canada’s fallen heroes and recognizing its heroes living still. God bless.   Corporal Nathan Cirillo  Age: 24 Home Town: Hamilton, ON Unit: Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Deceased: October 22, 2014 Incident: Murdered at his post, defending the National War Memorial. Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent Age: 53 Home Town: [Hearst] Ottawa, ON Unit: Joint Personnel Support Unit Deceased: October 20, 2014...

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