Author: Johann Ritter

Governor General’s Appointment Invalid

Legal briefs are now being prepared to have the Governor General’s appointment set aside as illegal. OTTAWA—On October 2, 2017, Montreal Liberal Julie Payette was appointed Governor General of Canada. The appointment was legally solemnized by three oaths sworn by Ms. Payette on a Bible. It turns out that Ms. Payette thinks belief in a Divine Being is “oh my goodness”, a ridiculous notion. Yet she swore an oath to God three times to get her new job, knowing that doing so was a fraud. In making such oaths she is not only insulting the majority of Canadians who...

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Canadian Revenue Agency to lead by example: No more employee discounts

The CRA received a great deal of backlash earlier this week, after arguing that Canadians should be paying tax on employee discounts and perks. Realizing the political fallout this would have both for the bureaucrats at the CRA as well as for the Liberal Party, National Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier shot down the proposal and attempted to distance herself from the Agency’s conclusions, saying: “This does not reflect our government’s intentions…” The prime minister later took to Twitter to assure Canadians that Jerry Butt’s government has no intention to “tax anyone’s employee discounts.” After some soul-searching, Canadian Revenue Agency CEO...

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Foreign Aid or Political Subversion: Justin Trudeau Yokes the White-Man’s Burden

What follows is an accusation claiming that the Trudeau government is guilty of both cultural imperialism and white paternalism, but also of hubris, as they are willing to spend hundreds-of-millions to transform foreign cultures and foreign laws via lobbying and advocacy to mirror a still-controversial result. By pressuring foreign governments to legislate a conclusion with transplanted premises, the Trudeau government will also be paying to undermine their judicial processes and autonomy—both of which were essential to and for Canada when it came to arriving at its current stance. If this current government continues to play Prometheus, it should reconsider telling foreign gods how to institutionalize flame.

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