Author: Joseph Travers

The Alt-Right Isn’t Post-Christian, But It’s No Longer Turning Any Cheeks

I contend that the mainstream Alt-Right is not, as Maren has suggested,”poisonous”—not a “post-Christian conservatism that desperately needs Christianity again.” No, it is not poisonous but elemental to the cultural renaissance that we are on the cusp of, and while the Christians who participate in it are in fact Christian, they’ve adapted to meet the threat.

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Foreign Aid or Political Subversion: Justin Trudeau Yokes the White-Man’s Burden

What follows is an accusation claiming that the Trudeau government is guilty of both cultural imperialism and white paternalism, but also of hubris, as they are willing to spend hundreds-of-millions to transform foreign cultures and foreign laws via lobbying and advocacy to mirror a still-controversial result. By pressuring foreign governments to legislate a conclusion with transplanted premises, the Trudeau government will also be paying to undermine their judicial processes and autonomy—both of which were essential to and for Canada when it came to arriving at its current stance. If this current government continues to play Prometheus, it should reconsider telling foreign gods how to institutionalize flame.

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